Into the Nerdiverse Aug 5th, 2022
Baker Rangers
Baker Rangers

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Into the Nerdiverse Aug 5th, 2022


Let's talk this week in nerd entertainment.  

This was recorded live on 8/5/22 



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Hi, welcome to another episode of into the nerdy verse with your host Benjamin Baker. This is Baker Rangers into the nerdy verse, and today it's kind of a special episode because today is zero two heroes one year anniversary. Today, as in August five. That's the day that this is being recorded and we're live. So if you are watching right now on youtube, comment, get into the chat um ask some questions to zero two hero if you have any questions for them, let me know. And so here I have my guests. I have no idea what position they're in right now. It's gonna be something interesting. So here is Jim and billy. As you can see, billy it's carrying his face, which might be a good thing that I'm not taking nothing back. Yeah, any who, thank you, guys, the Balk and skull of podcasting. Jim and Billy, I heard you say thank you in that don't us the bus like. Come on, man, you can't. You can't think before you thunk. All right, before I think, think, think, suck, stink, stink, stunk. Anyho. How you guys doing today? Oh, it's warm out today, yesterday, but he just making me sad. You know, just wearing me down here where I am than you are. It's been like in the low word nineties. You know what, Jenine, delete the server. Get rid of it. We're done, but we're done. I'm sorry, it's not it's not my fault. I don't actually live in hell. So so, uh, today can you say the fifth is your anniversary, but the first podcast was the sixth. So how is the fifth the anniversary of Zeoto Hero? Well, well, every year the day goes one day ahead. We're also a little this year. Technically, last year would be today. MM HMM. So like acause every year a day moved ahead. No, we, we. We published our first episode in the fifth. It shows on the six on the podcast. Oh you know, I published it at midnight. That's what it was. Ce Ce, CEE, because even mark on his zoo, he got released on his on the sixth. So yeah, because I look back before and it was six and but then billy said the fifth. So maybe in Texas days are different because it's a bigger stake. They just lost a little, I guess. So it makes sense and it would have been the fifth. Somewhere it says August five. On Apple, does it? Yep, doesn't. You know, I'm gonna because he doesn't have apple podcasts. Yeah, I don't, because I don't. I don't android. I hate apples. So that's why. And Life. Um, but apple podcast and anchor, which was our original pasting provider, was August five. Yeah, it did say six before. I'm I don't think I'm like seeing things, because it's fine, a man, if I didn't see it onfo wars, it ain't true. Okay. So what I'm thinking is whenever you transferred everything were to sounder, they work in a different time zone. So since you did central time at midnight, they changed the time zone to eastern time. Even even if it wasn't, it would have changed specific it would have changed it on the platform, so like apple, spotify everywhere else, it would have changed it. So it was still something. It's still the fifth, like we at least it on the fifth. Okay, okay, it says the sixth mark because mark is on GMT time. Well, Mine said the six before because I did look it up once before. So I'm calling. I'm calling, but I might have just not know what a five and a difference between five and a six. You know what, it's a little it's fine, dude, it's okay. Things happen. It's all right, man, we'll forgive you now. Thank you. Thank you. All right. So, if anybody's watching this live, pleast get on the comments let us know you're watching. So huge argument about all the stuff about five and think. Yeah, so you we can argue, which me and...

...billy will be arguing in a few weeks. But that's for another show. That's for something else. So Um, okay. So today, today, the fifth of August, the day after my birthday. So you decided to let me have my birthday before you start your podcast yesterday. It's only in good terms. Yeah, so, I apoloi. I mean I apologize. I don't apologize for another. I'm thankful that I get to have my day. Ty doesn't get to have his because today's his birthday. So so, Um, we'll go into a little bit. I know on your podcast that you released this week you went into depth a little bit on starting up the podcast. But for maybe some of my listeners that haven't listened to watch it yet. Listen to it yet, probably not watched it. I don't know if you had a video on it, but what you did on Youtube. Yeah, but it's just it's just a sound plus like words. Fancy. So what got Um you into doing the zero two hero podcast? Well, uh, to be short and frank about it, peer pressure. Actually, Jim, you can't be frank, your name's Jim. Oh Damn. All right. So, yeah, basically, basically, Jim had complications as job because he travels and due to covid he was not able to fly. Yeah, they literally just fight at one of the spot. So he so he created his own company, uh, headset radio, and he does audio and visuals. And he was like, Hey, I manage a couple of the podcast let's do our let's do one for us and and we're coming up in ideas and I was like, well, we love power rangers, you know, let's let's make creative power rangers theme podcasts. And I was like, well, we like zero, zero season. So I was like, well, you know, hey, let's name it zero two hero, because everybody has their own way. UH, everybody has their own hero inside them and stuff. So I was like, well, let's showcase like the smaller people, like, you know, let's go for fan creation, cause players like stuff like that. We're all sitting there going man, we can make better stuff than what's being put out there right now. So Jim basically twisting my arm for about two months and I was like let's do it, bother about it. In June about I'm like, Hey, let's let's put a podcast together. You're like NA, no, no, want to Nah, and I was like let's do it, Nah, let's do it, let's do it biggest, because I'm more of a face to face kind of person. So this was like really hard for me. And Yeah, it yeah, and then Jim would jim wasn't a host at the time. He was just like Hey, I'll mute myself and just watched the audio, and that was tough. That was so hard to do. Yeah, I was gonna mention that because like at first, Um, you were the host and then Jim was like your guest for a little bit, and then then you guys just decided to just be co hosts. Yeah, that worked a little better because they took the pressure off billy and uh, you know, because billy doesn't doesn't do well under pressure. Look at sweating. Look, I can say that I can see you ride down your brow right off my my big forehead. Yeah, okay, so you started it up. You, you. You did your first, I think. Well, your first two or three were just you two. You didn't have a guest on for your first few very so we had the first episode was billy and me and then the second episode was billy and Derek, their turn arranger. The third episode was billion Mike Self, and then I think we had ten come on at some point in the very next like you know what. Let me look. So we had we had billy and myself, billy by billion, myself, billion and Derek, billy am I, billy and me talking about Gundham and then a little bit of our backstory and then we talked about the forever red episode and then we talked about power up its for Halloween, Halloween special, and then the next one, that was ten ranger. Yeah, Nice, Nice, good times. And then you just kept kept going, Clayton and all you others, until you got to your best one, which wasn't until like February. Johnson was great. No, I was talking about March four, Baker. I know that's actually my first, one of my first episodes. Never mind. It's January. The Ben Ginning, the Ben Getting, yes,...

...get it, get rid of it, and all it's all its technical difficulties and I was barely is the only person you can actually hear in that episode. Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, that's right. That's right. Yeah, on the video. Yeah, on the video to Youtube. Yeah, but I fixed it in ish because it was it was just bad because my mind, because I just had this, which is this is not what I'm recording with this for the listeners, is the headphones, the phone headphones. So it's it just sounded like. And then Jim was mono. So he was so low h we made at work. And Yeah, then you guys brought me on as a partner, not just not just a guest, which I don't know if I should feel honored or not because, like, I don't know if it's like everybody else just turned you down. Like then then just can come over here. A little column and a little column. Yeah, I'm sorry, Ben that we couldn't introduce you with the you know, the e walks. Well, they all uh passed away, you know, do they? They? Well, they turned us down already and then be then they died from the sorry that we didn't. We couldn't get you a little tag tag with the walks. I forgot what they yeah, well, I don't eat people. So that's a US technically, invaders. That's it. Only invaders people that they think our invaders. Oh, okay, but they don't eat golden metals. Robot. They think they're God's but they still don't listen to him. So they still do what they want. But so, so, how so with your guests that you brought onto your shows, how when you start hear died, like how did you? Where did you find them? How did you collect your your guests portfolios? Fair started off with billy knew me. Yes, well, okay, so basically, I guess I I it was all because of Tiktok. I found a lot of these people, uh, you, T n Sam, all that stuff, and then we actually had some outside sources email us to be gone there due to, I think it was like instagram. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Clayton was to instagram. So they so they emailed us and got us, got ahold of us, and we brought them on with that. And and like they actually had their own little uh what was it called? Fan Series, like chats and stuff. So like they would throw our name out there and we that's how we got in contact with Johnson and and J P stuff like that. Yeah, we got kind with them and then, like all his voice actors got conto with them and that was that was pretty cool. Yeah, we've met a lot of cool people since starting this show. You got a lot of fun newer guests coming up soon. Come back, we got. We got a really big one coming up here pretty soon. Uh Huh, it's not me. So, yeah, you're not that big. I know, I'm only you know, like like I'm jealous, like my clothes cost twice as much as yours. Then again, then again, whenever Jimmy puts the order in, all the little Taiwanese kids say, Oh, damn, well, it takes them the whole data. I take my trip. We'll get like re sized like a little agently's like, oh no, not you, not you again. We gotta but over time in today. Oh No, ladies man. So, so, Um, I'm sure you guys been having fun doing this. Uh, you started out. You were doing lives before. Are you don't do the lives anymore, just dum because of things. But are you going to be able to? Are you going to bring lives back? Sometimes we're working on well, mostly we're working on getting timing down for it because we we got members all over the like, all the world. Like we have mark in England, we have costway dude now open. UH, Iowa, Oyowa, he's up in Iowa. Uh, we got you over in Arkansas. I'm in the same time zone as you. So still, I'm from Oklahoma. So now I don't I don't live too far from Oklahoma. But but um, it's getting everyone scheduled out for when we do lives and whatnot, just making sure we have topics to talk about, because I know we we don't always exclusively focus on PR stuff, but we do focus a lot on pr stuff and sometimes the content runs a...

...little bit thinner than I wanted to that's you're talking about every day. Like, if you're talking about every single day, it runs a little thin. So we're trying to expand ourselves out and trying to make sure we have to talk about before you jump back into lives. Well, with the NERD fandom, there's there's quite a bit like with, you know, power rangers, Doctor Who, Star Wars, gunnome, you know the the many different nerds stuffinite horrible. Yeah, the Vetur, it hatreds towards make a forest. You know stuff like that. It's fine. And love for rocky, yes, Rocky. Respect on Steve Pardas. Yeah, Secret Steve Pardin is the guy who I think. I think said secret anus. I don't know why. That's what I heard. Your head like, all right, not, okay, I apologize, Steve, but okay. So that's that's zero two hero in a nutshell. All of that. Um, if you want to know more, get on zero two hero. Go to their first, uh, a few episodes, or all their episodes, but the last episode where they hit their anniversary. Yeah, and I think what we do to set us apart from other podcasts I think that, you know, we we like to have like poke fun and and I will throw like dark humor and everything in this and we're not insult comics, I swear. But you think that we all hate each other. But Oh yeah, yeah, like billy and I are brothers and we we hate each other anyways. Yeah, like, yeah, what it is, but it is what it is. But okay, yeah, so check them out. We're not done with live. We're just that was just the one year anniversary getting into the heads of billion Jim. We're gonna TRANSITION UM to some more pop culture stuff. But before we do um, we got a little promo for zero two hero, and I believe this is the voice of Mark, the Red Cornish Ranger. I love this Promo. The following message from the Red Cornish Ranger and said of my just, no, I'm gonna say it, set of my own free will. If you're enjoying what you're listening to, then why not check out the other podcasts on the zero to hear a network such as story time, would cosby, dude, six seven, fairy tale, the Audio Drama Baker, range of movie talks and the exceptionally brilliant and inte no one's going to believe that you do know that. Okay, you fine, fine, don't stop bogging me with that exceptionally intelligent billy and his sidekick Jim on the zero to hero podcast. Also, if you would like intelligent and mind blowing conversation and join the discord, and no one's gonna be all right, all right, I'll say it. Join the discord for all the fun and intelligent conversation you can possibly get. Now back to our scheduled program intelligent, Serig what do you think? All right, we're back and I'm pretty sure you heard that. I don't know which one it was that did that, but alright, so, don't you judged me? All Right, I'm on a beach. So so I know, Jim, you've been trying to get me to watch the horrible H and I've been meaning to. I really have been meaning to,...

Um, but I haven't yet. Behind on a lot of things, behind a lot of things. As you know. It's a theme, you know, between technical difficulties and me having no idea or clue what people are talking about when it comes to nerd stuff, and this is the my nerd show. Um, I do apologize the audacity, but I did see him mean today about the Orville, saying that it's basically the star war and star Trek, like the New Star Trek shows the Star Trek they should have gotten. Yeah, that's what it is, like it's a star Trek we should have gotten, because it's very human, like all the characters are, like very human and very flaw like all of them are, and it's great. And Uh, the new star, the New Star Trek, it's I like it. It's fine, like, it's it's pretty. It's fine. Okay, cool, sure, whatever, all right, but no, the word bill just this last season just knocks out of the park. And just every episode, almost every single episode, just hits you in the like, hits you hard. Well, not the only one. You're not the only one, but I haven't watched it either. I am even more offended. Hey, Jim, how do I submit a ticket again with the Jack in the box? Yeah, I'm not sad, I'm just disappointed. But uh, what else? What else is what else is going on? I'm behind on movies. I was going to see Nope, last weekend. Still want to see it. I really don't want to see it. It's it's not much a watch list. I can see you walking out of the theater and like, Yep, walking out. Maybe. I've heard a lot of good things about it and uh, the way Jordan Peel does things. He wants to do things against the grain. What's different? Um, you know, he doesn't want to just regurgitate what all horror movies do. He wants to keep suspense. They're not just jump scares. I'm sure there's jump scares, because everything you know, you gotta have a little bit here and there, but it looks like he uses characters to actors, a lot of a lot of directors, especially horror directors, a lot of them. You know, hitchcock did the same thing. I think he four actress. He always used like everything. Yeah, Um, so, yeah, it's yeah, he just reads his actors, like look at a look at the Sam Raimi he he always uses Bruce Campbell and everything he does, and his brothers, his brother and the car, the car, the car, the yellow car, the it's his parents car, like it's Lou his parents car, because in every movie he does. But I just don't notice cars and movies. Did you want? Did you did you watch? UH, evil dead, one, two? I've seen evil dead three, evil dead three, that car that he like lands in the past in. It's been sixteen years since I've seen them. Ben You were you watch? Did you want Spider Man One and two? Yes, the worst? To two worst spider man movies? Yeah, no, one and two, like uh, Toby Maguire. Yes, what I'm saying to the two worst spider man movies. I have attack today like I'm one of the few people that just the Sam Raimi spider man movies, especially the first two. The first one, to me is the most cringe superhero movie one. Not Most cringe, it's not the worst. I was extremely disappointed in that movie. Like you, I was. I was fifteen when that movie came back. Two Dude, see, and I'm gonna go with that. Really Fun. I know people love those more. Andrew Garfield's my spider man. So to me the amazing spider man is the best buyer man movie and it's not even close. So that's me again. That's me. People have their own, but I submitted. You don't need to submitted ticket. You could just do it. You are the I T and I don't want to know what that sound was. That's the keyboard. Okay, they're a super click keyboard because the recordings when if they're super clicker clocky, they get really annoying in recordings. That's why I like my laptop because they don't do the clicking clockies. I love. I don't like clicking clockies. But moving on, forgive me for not Karen, and I actually do... the third spider man movie, the one that everybody hates so much. That's my the only one that I realized. Okay, this makes far more sense. Okay, moving on, but Um yeah, so the yellow car and Sam Rami movies. I need to look out for that. It's in every one of those movies he does. It's it was even in UH multiple. Yeah, it's in there. Isn't every movie, he's in every single one. Um, but yes, Sah UH Jordan Pilm. He likes to make stuff against the green and we're talking about actors follow directors. Yeah, so that's where we're going with that, completely side tracked, without spider man. Yea. Yeah, sorry, my bad. Um, UM bullet train came out this weekend. I'm gonna Watch it next weekend. I've heard mixed things about it. It's a brafit movie, right. Yeah, it'd be fine, like he know what does okay, movies like all his movies are okay, so I assume. And like they got some big names attached to it as well, so it should be okay. It's got a nice ensemble cast. I think it even has Um, what's that? I just forgot her name. Um, she was Sandra bullock. I think she's actually in it. Really Yeah, because when they did they did like the second or the third trailer, she was the person that was calling him. They gave him the job. You don't see in the first trailer, but the other trailer, as you do. I'm pretty sure it's Sandra bullock. Yeah, isn't it? But the first trailer, they first trailer they kind of disguised, like you don't know what the whole movie is about, and then they kind of put more into the story. Um as the trailers, Hey, trailers may okay, okay, isn't okay, isn't it? He is from the heroes. He was. Did you watch heroes? Now? Okay, sorry, like season one was great, season two and three were, but he was. He was the guy who can stop time. Yeah, okay, cool, stop time if you want to watch. I've heard heroes like were. It was good to like the last season or so. It was good to in the season one, like actuals the one. It was. It was weird after season one. Yeah, after after Star Wars. I don't really care for UM J J Abrams. So Hey, uh, if you want to watch a good show, an anime show, uh, Fodo Fudo Pie is pretty good. It's animated. Oh yeah, I think, I think I saw you post something on twitter about it. It's really good. It's really because I was like, okay, it's really awesome, is it? Is it really good? Because you like comment writer? Is it just really good in general. It's really good in general because it has like a lot of abstract colors that use a story. It's pretty good. They they even show the anime in first person. It's pretty it's the only episode one, right. Is it dubbed or is it? Did they? Did they blow their budget on episode one? That's the question. It looks like it, you all know, on episode two. Yeah, so that's the animal that just started back up, as overlord, just started back up and I'm really happy about that. It's the one with the if you guys, never mind, you guys to know I'm talking about. It's all good. You don't know what you're talking about. Um, it's not necessarily anime, but it is. Since I related, Um, that shout factory opened up pre orders, I think, for the five men DVD set. Yeah, so, and it's not going to be like all the other ones are available on shout factory TV, talking shout to Um, stuff like that. Um, but this will not the only way to get this is if you buy physically, buy the DVS. There's no digital. Yeah, weeks, which I don't like because I like that Shout Factory D TV is free and you can watch all those senti seasons that are available Um on there. So Um, and I'm now I'm kind of wondering if they're gonna keep going backwards, because five man was this season before jetman. Jetman was the first season that they released that was not associated power rangers, the season before shoe ranger. So five minutes of the season before that. Are they going to keep going that way, because I think, I want to say Nina Ninja was the last one that came out. Maybe not that one. I mean it's on the show. Factory APP too. Let me look. It's the Ninja. There's so many Ninja's, dinos and Ninja's. Um, the one in the nineties and the two thousand's the Ninja, one of the two two things.

Oh, her, he her, Hurrican Ju or something. Yeah, where is word the scenes? I guess maybe I don't, but yeah, so I think that was the last one that came out. That they came out with. That was like before covid and at that point when Hasbrow got the bought Power Rangers, Um, the somehow shout factory was going to lose that too, but Hasbro bought out the company that was a partner with that. That actually had the rights to distribute it. Um, something one. I forgot what it was called. I think I talked about it on a on another nerve verse video, and so now Hasbro does have the license to do this. So yeah, so I wonder, I wonder ID to start making because that means that they can start using the old scent Tai suits and stuff. I wonder if they can start platting in the comics or not, because the comics are about to the PR comics, but split back merger racket, the one big comic again. So yeah, because we only got a few more, maybe two more. Yeah, we're right around the corner from it, right around the corner, I think, October, September, October. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so, Um, you'll be here. I'm kind of looking forward because that way I only have to buy while I still only buy the miny morphin. I haven't really been getting into the power rangers one because I'm I'd rather stay with the core team. But you don't want to be nice to bring it back together. I know, I know, there's a lot of good stuff. Clearly. Clearly he looks falling around the greatest range of all time, rocky, because he's in the core team at this point. Violence tonight. But yeah, it would be nice to just go on, just back to one comic book series instead of two going on at once. Easier to keep track of, cheaper for people. Um, but Um, Hasbro going back to power rangers. Were staying on Power Rangers. They are doing because it's the twenty nine anniversary and Power Rangers on the August. So I think they're doing some sort of an event for it. Maybe I'm curious. Oh, yes, yes, Um, so, yeah, they're weeks. So, yeah, it's gonna Start August twenty two and on August with his Sunday for National Power Rangers Day. And they're supposed to be leaking, UH, release date for second half of season two and a glimpse of season thirty, and then they're going to release a couple of toys. Uh So, maybe some comics. I don't know all that's entailed, but for sure I heard that there should be leaking some TV shows and toys. The thing about this, though, is every time has bro says anything about anything new, like like Oh, yeah, we'll talk about it then. I just had the slashbacks of all this like the last couple of lightning collection like things which less than like what nine minutes overall? They're gonna try to spend a whole week on this and we'll. Well, you saw how bad, how, how bad it failed last year when they did the full month. That was weird. Yeah, it was the worst A. Yeah, I don't know if I was playing attention to it then. Yeah, don't worry about it, it's not maybe that's why, like these last two reveals have been like nothing. Um, you don't know why they make a big deal. So I give credits like at least that we know something about power week. And they we did get releases of something that we have not seen, which was lost Galaxy Green and mighty Morphin Adam variant with the extinguisher, which we already knew about. The other two with the wild force blue and and uh, kind of charge yellow. So, you know, I'm kind of glad we just forgive US something. It's like Oh, Hey, here's I give them credit for at least showing something. Well, if if they can make power weeks something big, because I'm sure if they reveal what the next series is gonna be, that's gonna be like the biggest thing and everybody's gonna be talking about it's gonna work, you know, because I'm I'm I'm sure. UH, they're still gonna incorporate Sintai in the next one because I think they have the contract with toey for like another year, some more, one more season. That's what they got. So after that they can start dig into old serios that they want to. They can just reason they could do all the filming themselves, like they clearly shown them. They could... the filming themselves like that, uh, the intro scene, and like season two of Dino Fury, where like the running across the griptops was filmed by Hasbro, not but the Super Sentai that was Hasro filmed and that was awesome. Well, the power rangers has used a lot of like their own, you know stuff, and a lot of times, if you like, I I prefer I know. I think it was on the discord where Mark was saying he likes the American made villains, like Z's a American made villain. He was an INCENTI. Yeah, and so a lot of times do you scarify him? He was too scary. Yeah, they made him. They made him too too big thing, like he was too thick, like he's too Oh yeah, you know, he was actually too scary, like so back in the nineties when they first released him to the like kids, kids got scared of him, like parents are writing in like you, oh right, he was awesome, the voice, the skeleton, I was awesome. He was. He was a old thickest Buddockus, yes, but they actually had the right, like parents wrote in, going hey, this is too scar you have to tone this down. So the end of like mid of that season he was in. Then they started like turning him down, having him like flot a Rita and stuff like. They took the snakes away because, like he did, choosed to have the snakes around them. They got the staff and everything. That was cool, but yeah, heed passpro need to do it. needs to do that. They need a z they got the sad helmet. They need like the Z staff. Oh, there's gonna have duct tape on it. There's there's rumors going around of Ze Staff. Yeah, I don't know. I probably buy two years from now. But if you know, if if they're gonna make the lances like a hundred thirty something bucks and the Power Sword Two d nineteen, when that was like a hunt the band night power sword was a hundred fifty, I think, when it came out. Like it's a big difference in pay. Like, don't get me wrong, the power it's actually pretty heavy. It's got some weight to it, but at the same time it's just like I just cannot justify two. No, it's nice, but it's like, oh man. And then the whole backside is translucent. So you flip it over the blade to see through the most and that's where the lights are at. But still, yeah, so the lights are only on one side, but that's pretty cool, like I've seen that, like you have it. I've seen different videos of the light and just how you can activate it like that. It's pretty cool. Yeah, and the costplaying ability for videos and stuff for our I think more with that than was I like the original one too, the Bandai version. We might actually get a really cool costplay from mark with it. Who knows? Oh yeah, so, from what I heard too, someone leaked that we're supposed to be getting the daggers next. YEA, so we might get the helmet with that as well, because, like they released the blue helmet and the lances together. So we might get the saber tooth helmet and daggers. So that my fear. I need. I need to get the blue engine coming in the Lances. My fears like with the the battle axe and the bow bow. Those are probably gonna be even more expensive than the power sword. Well, especially the the battle axe, because it's got the it's got different moving parts and sounds and stuff. So there's a there's a theory that they might make the battle axe um a has lab for power rangers. Has Power Juice. Has Not had a has lamb and, like you know how has lab has different like tears. So if it's like fully funded, you're gonna get the battle ax plus four forward sentives too. So you might get attachment, you might get like maybe they might throw in a power bow or so. I don't know. Yeah, but, like I I like the concept of has labs, but they don't allow for fans that can't afford it in a thirty day period to be able to get it, because I missed my chance on getting the Um the ghostbusters proton pack because it was four dollars, which is a really good price for for what that is, for that uh, that piece. But you had literally like thirty days to sign up for it and you had to pay for it all in full and like I couldn't afford for in that thirty days. And it's also a pretty bad when if it fails too, because if you look at Star Wars, Star Wars has back to back failures. The Reva Lightsaber and the rhyane corps have both failed. The Rand Corps failed to yeah, it failed hard. Apparently it didn't even get like stage one at sent everything. Well, the Rand Corps came out the same time as the Proton Pack, so I'm gonna assume the Proton came out right before. was like it was in the right it was. It was around that same time, because it was like last October, Novet or Nove or something like that. So that,...

...yeah, they might have star wars. So I think ghostbusters kind of, because the proton pack that like it funded. I think it double funded, like like it funded everything, but nobody's gotten it yet because they haven't manufactured any of them. It takes about two years to get it sucks. Yeah, yeah, because you have to pay four dollars and then you gotta wait two years for like like you just throw your money away. That's that's the one thing I don't like about the has lab, because they have really cool stuff, but like they give you a win, one window to be able to get it, and the bad thing is they take your money right, right then and there. Yeah, yeah, so if they were able to, like, I don't I don't think they would do like pledges and then if you don't pay it, because then it just screws everything up. But so they have to fund it, so you have to pay for it so they can actually manufacture. Remember last year when Power Rangers with Hasbro released those, it was like over fifty pre orders Um last year, the end of last year, for like power month and stuff. I just hope they don't do that again, because that hurt, man, that hurts so bad. Oh yeah, doing all those preodors all at once. Yeah, and then like you never you couldn't, you didn't know when they were going to release. It was just like you have to have money in your account for an extended period of time. You never knew when something was gonna get released. Well, that, yeah, that's true. And like even if you like, because I like to pre order in the store at game stop. Yeah, but a lot of times, Um, if they do get it like two months earlier, than you think and you've only paid up to like half of it. Then now you gotta paid all of it all at once because they only give you they will not hold it for you more than three days. Yeah, they put it right up on the shelf of a tag on it. Yeah, so, like you still still waiting for that dragon helmet to drop in store, I'd rather just buy in the store. Yeah, I have a feeling it's not because I want to go try to pre order the arrange your helmet for like a month and then it wasn't until like it was already released. I asked if they had it and they said that it was an online only thing. So I'm going to assume that the drag and helmets the same thing. Is the and in the US you might not be able to physically see it in a store. So it's for some reason, like I don't because I know the ZAP MEGAS ORG is starting to come out outside of the U S, which is really weird because I haven't seen anybody in the US that's gotten the ZAP megasword yet. Um, I've seen people get this power sword. So I've got the power sword pre ordered at game stop, but game stop has not gotten it yet and I have a feeling it's not going to get it. Like that's my terrible feeling because the game stop has been really horrible to me in the last year and a half where I would or something and then they just never got it. So I'm not sure precording video games, UM, they know exactly how much video games are getting, but when it comes to toys, it's it's no telling. So if you pre order something from the game stop, because I pre ordered the Aisha and Scorpina pack once and then I started seeing them out in target, so I just like cancel my order. But I saw those like on twitter and I was like, Huh, let me go check target in the morning and sure enough, the very first target I went to I found him. I was like, uh, well, what am I gonna do the rest of my day? I literally planned on hitting up like ten targets in a day. So I only have like I have to drive forty five minutes to one target. I got two targets within forty five minutes of each other of me. I mean they're like twenty minutes of each other. Whe there are forty five minutes from me. Oh so or after drive an hour and a half the other way to go to. Then there's like four or five targets. Damn. Yeah, that's like me. Thirty minutes for me for one. But once I get said that one target, there's literally like twelve right there within like ten minutes each. Yeah, mm HMM. Man, Texas targets. Target Walmarts, water, crazy, homeless people, walmarts over here, Walmart, Um, the homewartice from you. So just a few times over, it's like Uh. So, like you know that the Home Office for seven eleven is in grape vine, which is right between Dallas and forth, and so we have the highest concentration of seven elevens anywhere else in the world here in D D You also know it's in grape vine. TWO IS UH game stops had office too. So if I order something for Jimmy, it's like next day for him. Oh yeah, that's nice. His his peak ranger helmet was literally next day. I ordered it, next day it was there. Someone to tell me it was happening and him knocked out. I looked at like I walked out and tripped with the box. What does that yeah, I didn't even tell him. Um, speaking of I'm still...

...waiting on my Donna hello pop figure, Black Ranger pop figure. Um, I was supposed to be delivered today by seven PM, which was almost three hours ago. Pasted on my checked it was still in Kansas City. It's been in Kansas City for like two days. That's ridiculous. I got there and found about what the pork gribs are and just can't leave. Can't leave. Well, and the whole Toy Tokyo man. That is like a very generic response. He sent you and I a response. Yeah, so for for the viewers or listeners, listeners. So we ordered uh and toy to Tokyo made, made people buy the stupid he man with the Blue Ranger, uh Leonardo Blue Ranger pop figure, and I never got a confirmation of if I ordered it. And so, uh, billy did. I did not. And then, um, I email them. I said, Hey, I just want to know what stats on my order is. I haven't got a confirmation, and they just said that, um, everything's gonna get shipped out in chronological order. I guess that's as they were ordered. I ordered mine before billy did. Billy got a shipping notice and so, yeah, I emailed them again. I said I don't think you have my email on file. So I just want to make sure that, because you have my money, I want to make sure that I'm in the system, that I am uh, that you're gonna ship me one. And all they said was if you paid for the order, you will receive it. That's it. There doesn't tell me that they know that. Like I it's just it's just also like how the user name, like the the email user name that gets sent to you with sales sales. YEA, it was. I noticed that too, like I think the first time it was just sales and then that one with sales, sales. So it's like in my sleep. I twitted at Funko the other day. I said, please don't let tort Tokyo get another exclusive. Okay, what's weird is, so toy Tokyo is in New York, right, but my order processed and shipped out of California. Well, it probably ships out of the FUNCO's warehouse. Yeah, that's I'm thinking that they probably middleman it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which is Stut. I wish it was like a game stop exclusive Um, but even then it probably would have still ran out because, from what I hear from the game stop exclusives, because I went into like the next day, I went to a game stop and asked them about the their exclusives, because they got like the Batman, Big Batman Returns Penguin on the the big ducky thing and then like a few other ones, and they said that for the San Diego Comic Con Exclusives, you can order it and they can get send to the store, but they weren't getting any in the store probably for like a few weeks before so, but at least they probably are getting them. Yeah, Toy Tokyo, I don't know if they sold any, like the actually had them in the physical store or they were just online. I think it's just online. Just give it, give it to CBS. Just do it right. At least least walgreens do a walgreens. Well, yeah, they do. Yeah, they work. They work with a lot of other reputable companies and they worked to Walmart. Come on, just like they did some big target stuff too, like come on, guys, something that they knew was going to be huge and they only had a limited supply on their website. Because I tried, like I got on the website like tin after they everything went live and I tried to buy the Don Tello and the Leonardo and while they were trying to process my pay the Leonardo sold out. Yeah, I was having connection issues to probably because it was bogged down, and so website. So then I had to I had to wait till it was it wasn't open till yeah, it was all boughts that were bottom all up and stuff. Is that the dragon as well? Like the Dragon Ebo three happened like that too. So if you you weren't in there with the first three minutes, you weren't getting one. It's like, uh, it's the same, exact same thing. Happened with the okay. So back in two thousand one, early early dozen too, when the crypto market was huge, people were sitting bots to auto by gpus. Exact same thing happened with that. So, like you know, you couldn't get the same thing happen with xboxes and playstation five. Exact same thing. It's still happening with those. Yeah, you see what games stops doing for the PS five? Oh, they're they're getting like a ship. Meant one the first Saturday of the month, the Doot, the one, uh that I go to. Um, yeah,...

...the first they get like four or five the first side of the other month. So if you come first come, first serve, when they open, you can get one. They're also doing bundle sales too, because you know, like scalpers just want to console, but now they're gonna they'ren they can't trying to. Okay, I noticed UH vintage stock is doing that to us all, Vanagh stock in Tulsa, but they actually scalped. Dumb though. They're charging you seven dollars for the PS five and you have to buy a controller and a game on top of paying seven hundred dollars. So he's like, you didn't spending, you didn't already. That's the one that's like already. Uh, sometimes they are. Sometimes they have good deals, but I guess yeah, because it's it's they do a lot of third party stuff, but they like start out as like a resale video tapes and common books and stuff, and they don't do that. They don't. They do more stuff now. They do a lot of so a lot of new stuff, but a lot of their new stuff is more expensive, like all their power ranger figures M are tight bucks new. So there's this there's this toy store near near my house called Retro Madness and they are really reasonable for what they are. They're reasonable. Um, like the Star Wars. That's expensive. And their their DC, so that's expensive. MHM. The typical star wars stuff is cheap because there's so much of it. Well, they also have stuff like that. There's a store right by Jimmy and by where I live called Holocron and they sell their star wars double almost. Yeah, yeah, Holocron is ridiculous. Yeah, but it's cool, don't be wrong, like it's really cool. But they're expensive. retrous is pretty cool. I like them a lot, um billy billy, and I've been there a couple of times and like right now they have a they have a Ninja on sale for like fifteen bucks, full skuys, a full scale Ninja. Fifteen a full scale like oh no, like humans, like the original, like original Ninjas. They have a pure MIS for one, which is like nobody a hundred bucks, but one is not bad. Like that's not bad at all, bad at all. Yeah, like I'm sitting like okay, sure, yeah, see, my my walmart has the new I mean those cheap little figures that Kim in the VHS boxes. They I guess they got another stock of them and they have like the red, the Ninja con or whatever it is. Yeah, but that's the biggest waste of money because they sold, they had the Ninja in the plastic case for thirteen bucks and they're selling that for seventeen and it's the same exactly. The difference is just the head mold or the in the colors or something right now, the symbol. That's it. Like it costs the same amount to manufacture and they're charging you like three dollars more for it. Yeah, ridiculous. I wait for the next wave to come because I've got the Yes, I've heard. I've heard really good reviews about those, because there's a lot of people getting them in hand and they're saying that they actually feel a lot heavier than the first ones. Are there the paint better on those, because the paint they only spent like in like a quarter of it. They made the paint look good and the rest it was just like nothing. Yeah, but they're not bad figures. They're not worth like seventeen bucks, but Um, but they're they're not bad figures because I do want to get the because it's the the white tiger, the white tiger, the drag, the megaz Ord with the Dragon's ord, megaz ord, warrior mode. Yes, I don't forgot what it was called, without the T rex. So Um, and you've got power ranger stuff all in your house. How out? Well, take down your poster bin. My brother got me that. But but and the thunder megas or one without the dragons ord, like with the white tiger. They got that one. Yeah, the other warrior? Yeah, the other one. Yeah, I'm still waiting on well, with the ZAPP, I'm really wondering where they're gonna go, because I'm sure tit tanus would be the next one. Yes, I'M gonna assume they're going to go in order and then they're gonna eventually go past mighty Morphin, but it seems like it's gonna take forever. Yeah, maybe they're like to stop. I'M NOT gonna lie. The ZAPP DRAGONS ORD looks cool. Find it cool. Yeah, it looks great. I want like to me. I love the swords. That's why I started collecting the Powringer Toys. Um, and I you know, I know people are like mighty morphin. They do all this. My more been give me the original map.

Donna MEGAS ORD and the thunder megaz Ord and I'm happy. But, Um, I know it's getting a lot of flak for there are some QC issues because has bro like that's their thing with power rangers. It's it's really weird because like they have more QC issues with power rangers and they have any other toy line, which doesn't make any sense. But Um, a lot of people are kind of up in arms and how light it is, like thinking it's cheap because it's light. I'm a fan of that because there's more pose ability with the light because I have the thunder megaz ord from the legacy line. You can't do Jack Crap with that. It's you just blocked because if you try to move anything, everything's just gonna fall off because it's so heavy. And I know they have the issue with the the dragon's ord because it was like it's like virtually all metal. Um, so whenever you try to like lay it on top of the megas ord for the ultras ord combination, Um, it would just like fall down. It's just so heavy. Oh, cosplay dudes on. We finally got a chat. So, unless that was a long time ago. No, that just had it right now. Okay, yeah, Oh, I don't have act because I'm looking at my and O B s right now to so I can't chat. But with the new obious update. Um, I didn't want to try it with a new one, the bane one, because that I know I was checked up. But I heard with that one you can actually comment within obious. Yeah, that's a really cool feature. Of I think it looks really cool and I I've been messing with it on on a Mac and I've been messing with the PC back there a little bit and it looks Nassy. I'm liking it. I'm acording. I recorded my last I recorded a movie talk episode before this, Um with that. Um. So everything's kind of fluid with it. Everything works the same, but I do hear like some plugins may or may not work with it. The developers actually went through and like listen to people like Oh, hey, you need to do this, and so they're like, oh, yeah, so we're going to improve on the things that it works like. They actually so it's main opis is made by a group of people who all they don't get paid for it, so when they do something they had to put a lot of extra time into it. Because I get paid for it, and so it's open sourced and the people actually listened to their their user base, which is Great. So it's it's been really cool to see that that's actually like improve yeah, constantly. Do letst know how to get the new O bis. I'm sure, Jim, you'll sit on the link for it. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's super easy as in there. Yeah, just Google O bs and it's like the first link. It's a Beta version. I highly recommend do not replace your current Obius set up. Just like put a folder on your desktop and install it in the folder and then from there you can mess with it without messing with your current Obius set up. And what I like about it too, because I did that, I put on my my desktop and when I opened up I thought I had to like rebuild everything. No, it still takes all your stuff stuff because, yeah, because it knows what to look for, your regular stuff. It's like you already have yourself and like an obious folder, yeah, which I think is pretty snazzy. Speaking above my pay great, dudes. Okay, so cosplay. Dude, you did kind of catch us like we are. Yeah, because we we've already been talking for an hour now, just about an hour. Uh, well, pretty close to an hour. So we might just wrap this up in about ten minutes. Just, Um, just for poops and laughing. Um. That was the updated version of that one. I gotta keep this. You bring shame upon his family. Sorry, because we were talking about power ranger toys, because we can talk about our toys, prange toys, all day. Um. So, and we have power week coming up at the end of this month, so we kind of talked about that. But Jim and billy and cosplay, Dude, who's commenting, are watching? Do you have anything you are wanting a reveal of, wanting them to talk about? Besides, we already mentioned the next season, and if it is the next season, what do you want the next season to be? Because again, it might be the last since I related power rangers. So can I go first on this one? Yes, you go first, or rocky to show back up and just curbs something that he's only saying that because no, I want you to... with Z I really wanted to do. What they do is that. But yeah, that's that's really all I'm looking forward to right now, because it's way stuff like. Yeah, they've got a couple more toys. That's fine. You might announce the new helmet. I don't think they will, I really don't. They Will gonna do like one helmet, like one helmet set per year at this point. So that's what looks like. So I theory what I want to see. I want to see that they extend dino fury into cosmic theory. They share the same kind of name, but instead of that they're looking for rap con. But we kind of I wouldn't want to know how they change the suits over, like what happened with the suits, and I hope, I hope to God they don't do like, if they do something like that, they don't do what they do with super makeup forest, for it was like, Oh, it's an upgrades to your current suit, but why is the Black Ranger now green? Which would you really want? is as something like a build up to zero, where you know, you have this this big event that caused him to lose everything and then they had to get new powers. But that kind that would be so cool if it was Z who was like the cosmic event that shows up and just rex shop and then well, like say, and then like the Ninja star that the Nina Starre, the UH, the the Ninjaar whatever, the big the big metal star that gives shows up again, or the nexus, the nexus, the nexus prison. Nextu prison shows up and then hands, like hands amount, but like it's broken, and that's the new powers for the cosmic power or whatever. Well, we know that. We know that beast war first is in the second half of season two. Yeah, so I want to see hop hop getting the powers, getting him uh a Ninja power, like because you know there's three red rangers and just I want I want to hop up to show up and full on deck. Then just steal, just steal has three red rangers, but but be more. First only doesn't have that. So be all right. But I also do want to see like wave thirteen, because wave thirteen is supposed to have the new plastic free packaging. I want to see the new box heart that they're gonna re introduce to us, the blind boxing guys I called. Do you. Do you think like that's gonna Start with the face one, whatever it's called. Oh, the SELFIE series. I think that's the different that's gonna be different. Well, I know it's a different thing, but do you think that's going to start the this new plastic, because the atom and then the Green Um Galaxy, the last galaxy, ranger, they're they're the new, I think the old. They're still plastics. So yeah, but the next, next wave is supposed to be all plastic free and I'm just kind of like not wanting that. Is that they started with the plastic free, but with so much it's a different story. Different Yeah, they're they're always like you don't see that. Yeah, like I like the plastic free idea. I like it. I'm not the biggest. Like I hope we start using less plastic altogether because, well, it's in everything. But yeah, like give us something man like something. Yeah, because problems. Yeah, I'm sure that you can't make a biodegradable plastic. There's a bodygrada plastic. It's made from him. It's really cool. Yeah, the grades in the grades in sixtew days. So once they created. I saw something. I think it was like it was it might have been like a cup or something. I said it was biodegradable, but it was like seven years. I'm like well then, yeah, do that only count as bio technically yes, biodegradable, but you know, if it takes seven years to be maybe out of dump. It's fine. But yeah, well, anything within a ten year span of being bid degradable is more reasonable than most things we currently have, which they're by like most things we have that are not by degradable. It takes a couple of hundred years. So plastics takes a couple of hundred years, while you know the seven years is that's reasonable. That's fairly reasonable. There's also been some discovery of this new worm that can eat styrofoam, eat plastic, and it's uh, it's really interesting and it's terrified looking, but its plastic. I need to look into that. Yeah, it's creepy as I'll get out my bet, but it works like it'll go through ten pounds of plastic in a day, like a swarm of them. Yeah, so, like if you lead them into like a landfill, like it would destroy a landfill like it would, it would have to burn the landfill down. Hm, yes, because then they're just like you guess. See, it's gonna be like Drass Park, but with little bugs just eating everything inside. I've seen...

...that movie before. So yeah, it's it's gonna become like slipper, a slither. I still haven't seen that one. It's it's like guns day first movie. Man, no, no, that was a long time ago that. There's like a wrestler on that one right. Uh. No, there's a wrestler in that one. Um, unless that was a different movie. I think you're thinking of they live, no see either, or something said slither and then there's a see there. Maybe that's what it is, Um, but anyhow, sorry that was allowed. But Um, we probably need to take this to a close because it's getting in it. That's who it was. WHO. Yeah, yeah, okay, okay, he's he's Meld from firefly. Yeah, he's on firefly, the rookie. Um, he's also one of the suicide squad. Yeah, yeah, he's the guy with the arms that move around. Yeahs like flailing around dying with a getting shot. That was such a great set up, like all these really cool heroes for like ten minutes, is it? I knew that was gonna happen because, like, if you watch the trailer, like they showcase like all these bad or all these uh uh, I don't know. I guess you could saw them bad guys, all the characters that are gonna be in the bulk of it but they also show the ones at the beginning and I'm like they're gonna kill this team off like it was. It was obviously they were just gonna kill that team off to go to this other team, because there was they show two different teams and the trailer. I do hate the fact that they killed Jack Courtney's boomerang the most. That was the most interesting character for the First Years Squad movie. I didn't even mind the first year side squad, suicide squad movie. I didn't think as bad as people say it was. Like it wasn't great. I don't care for Letto's joker, but I don't care for Will Smith at all. Like the factories in that movie. I checked out of like I was like I'm good. Then I finally watched it when I gain came out on like TV something that I was like, oh, cool, Jake corney is in this. It's pretty good. It's Kindt bibbering, but the fact that, uh, will will Smith was the star of the movie and they made everything around him and I thought that was the stuff boring and terrible. Well, they did the same thing with Slan the second one. His character pretty similar to will Smith's character. See the thing is each double can act. Ah, AH UH no. But seriously though, Um, that's what all I got. I think that's all we got for today. Um. So thank you, guys for being on. Congratulations for lasting one whole year. Um, we are looking forward to more of zero two, hero. I know more doesn't seem like something people really are are I'm joking, Um, but we are looking forward to what you guys are doing and the whole partnership of me, red corners, ranger, constplay dude, Um, iron, aventurer, Sam on lights, all of it. Um, even you know some of our friends. So Um, thank you guys for kind of creating this, I guess family, Um, not just partnership. We are. Yes, it's an aft work family, Um, because you know, we have a good time. So let everybody know where we can be found and you guys can be found and Um, yeah, just Jim could be found in a free kittens box side. Good Will you use that joke in the podcast episode show? Yet there you see exactly. There you go. It's a win win. Everything's turning out male house, just because just because they found me in the woods in the middle of June doesn't mean nothing. But yeah, you can find us on zero two hero, and that's what the Zeo to hero. On instagram, twitter, facebook, uh, anything, pretty much out there. We were on it. Um, you can also find at not no personal plugs dot com, which is going to recorrect you to our main website, the four, the four or three. Yeah, you also want to get no shameless plugs dot com. Trying to see if you find that one too. So if you want to follow my personal you can follow me at one Texas Billy or one slow Mazda on instagram. UH, definitely give a follow to Ben at maker Rangers on Facebook, or just Benjamin. What's your what's your personal?...

UH, my my name is my person. Well, for twitter, uh, twitter, but there's banker rangers. I think it's just Baker Rangers. But my personal is Benjamin Baker. But if you're gonna follow me on twitter, it's mostly talking about, oh, your football and our Houston Astros baseball. So don't follow him on twitter. Follow me on twitter if you like that stuff. Never mind. So cut that out. Um, you can also, if you want to, you can join us on our discord at discord dot zo to hero dot com. Um, I set that up. This type in discord dot Z to hero dot com and you go right to it. There is a verification Bot when you first log in. So heads up, once you very once you verify with capache dot Bot, you're good. That's all I gotta do. And then, while wile you're in, you can see. Then you see the rules in the welcome page and then come on in, have fun. Say Hi. Uh, this is the last night. If you if you went up in now, this last night to do the giveaway on the discord server, for you're red century and a dino fury. Read Right. You got about twenty six more hours, less than twenty six hours. Speaking of that, my Tiktok has been blown up. I've been getting literally just nothing but notifications of comments, so I gotta figure out what's going on. You do not. Nobody likes my videos. Damn right. Well, Ben, we're trying just your videos. It's not giant forehead. I had that big one. Airline is not receding yet. Nion, at the moment. Do you have a nice filled in black spots? Just draw my hair. Draw this beer. This beer just doesn't exist anyway. Thank you, guys, for being on the show. Thank you for congratulations for one year. Thank you anybody who's been watching. Thank you for whoever is listening on the podcast and, in the immortal words of sword on, no personal plugs, dot com, or I'm gonna get you sad. We got the order side. Oh well, all right, what are they? Private? Ah, our list of orders. It looks like we gotta follow some new shows, like from the zero to hero network, like the main show zero to hero with billy and jam numb skulls. Stop the Baker Rangers on Youtube and facebook. Stop Ah neon lights on Youtube. Stop the Red Corners Ranger from a Dank Brent. Stop Ahrene Avenger fifty two on instagram. Stop, Oh, and also constably do six, three, seven, storytime with me. Stop All. Decide. Yeah, Oh, not the private.

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