Movie Talk Episode 14: The Zeo to Hero Kaiju Takeover
Baker Rangers
Baker Rangers

Episode · 4 months ago

Movie Talk Episode 14: The Zeo to Hero Kaiju Takeover


Kaiju Jim and Billy take over and Ben has to fight to take it back in his Mark 1 Jaeger while they talk about 2013’s Pacific Rim



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Welcome back to the show. What's the started calling? We stole little right, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're hijacking this one, this one. Yeah, and it's Baker Rangers and Baker Rangers movie talks. I am Ben and I'm also joined by Ben and I'm Ben too. Welcome back then, Nice. Welcome back to the movie talks. Hey, hey, what what's going on? No, Hey, no, no, you guys, get back over him right now. Oh, fun. But yes, we are on another exciting episode of Baker Ranger movie talks, and you can say it right. You can say it right. We're another exciting episode of Baker Ranger Movie Talks. Actually, I will have to correct you because it's technically movie talk. Okay, but we'll do it again. Movie talks. Welcome back to another episode of Zooty. Here represents Baker Ranger movie talk. Baker Rangers. Do it again, Baker Ranger movie conversation. Ah, that's that's that's the next level. That's the adult version after that one. A real bad let's let band finish this intro off. Yeah, is that? Is that book of skull or Billy and Jimmy? The book is Schll of podcasting over here. Yes, it is. And Actually, Um, you don't see it now and the listeners on the on the podcast don't, but on Youtube, Um, you guys are billy is, it says. Those skulls a podcast. Normally I have it as zero to hear a host, but I'm labeling billy the skull of podcasting and then Jim the book of podcasting. So I think that with a monicade. Yeah, so I had thought about it whatever I was setting up this podcast. So H yes, I am Ben UH, the real bin from Baker Rangers, and this is a bigger movie talk where we talk about movies, movies we love and have a good time. And yes, I'm here today with my special guests, Billy and Jim the, I guess, in that order, to be the skull and bulk of podcasting. So well, you know, we got the names mixed up because of our family and you said special, special, how. Yeah, funny, funny, how Huh? Funny, ha ha enough, I mean, you're laughing with us, are you're laughing at us? Which one can I do both? Yeah, fair enough. So today we are talking about Pacific Rim um being a power Rangers esque site with Takasatsu Kaiju is a big thing. Even this is American Kaiju, American Kaiju, but it was a fun ride. Um, it's it's still Toro, who likes anime, loved in the Gillian liked Gundams, like giant monsters, including Godzilla, and want to make a really fun, actually blockbuster movie in the summer that no one thought was gonna do well. This, this is the high, high point of like basically live action giant robot fighting. Oh yeah, yeah, it had Charlie Day in it. Come on, man, come on, isn't it? That's the only reason why I watched. Come on, Hey, because there is no pay. Pay. There is for all that those don't know, Charlie Day also played a Erica named Charlie and always sunny, and that was my favorite episode, is when he was in the mail room. That was great. And then was that the episode that the MEME comes from? Yeah, yeah, like you like smoking. Like what? Why? There's a bunch of red lines everywhere. There is there was never a pepe, the male, the male. The people up top of talking about it. Where's my mail? Where's there is a peppe and there's a sixteen people up there asking where's my mail. Well, good thing we have been fired. Yeah, yeah, a few days ago they kept recycling in the system. They're they're firing paperwork and stuff. It was really great, great, great show. Oh well, we'll stick with this specifically because it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Oh, I remember watching the first time with my jaws slacked be in the entire time, only because he was having...

...a stroke. No, it was because I was having a stroke. Having one now, he's having one now. Yeah, what? But anyways, so, yes, Ben dive us into this one. All right. So, well, it takes two to make things go right. Well, unless you unless you're a crimson typhoon, you got three. That's why I could go there every leg this movie. It's a fun movie. I've seen the second one when it came out, but I haven't seen the first one until just now. But it yeah, it's a fun movie. Basically, kid, you start appearing and destroying cities and no one knows what's going on and so they humans have to make their own monsters. there. It's a quote from the movie. It's great, like we had a bigger own monsters like. I do. Like the beginning of the movie. It kind of like just dives right into like a document. It's not. They made the movie because the people aren't stupid. They're gonna know what's gonna Happen. We're just gonna give kind of a backstory and then jump into it, because that's what they did and the world lives like the world feels lived in. I'M gonna go on these huge handents in this movie because I really like this movie a lot. Alright, well, okay, but yeah, so like the directors, the Director del Toro, the guy who did hellboy one and two and pants labborath new knows people aren't dumb. So the whole movie is set up to be lived in. Like you're not getting an explainer for every little thing is happening. They're just doing stuff they need to do. It's it's great, okay, continue and you really don't need an explainer. Monsters, people need to fight the monsters with big robots they fight. And then human story and then you have cities out of dinosaur bones or out of monster bones. Yeah, and it's kind of a different take, like later on in our history when they did the American Godzilla, moving to the sixteen, they went to a more simplistic approach. You know, just the human story, but this is just full on a giant robot punch a monster in the face multiple time with the plasma cannon. Yeah, because this is a movie that kind of shows you what you can do to turn you know, maybe, because normally anime does not translate well onto live actually, I think del Toro might be the type of person that can make that work, because this is essentially like Gunndam, but without flying robots. I guess they can fly here and there. They can fall with style. Yes, that's thank you, buzz are wood. What is the ones like your thoughts falling with style. But yeah, so these monsters, these Kaiju UM, attack cities, kill people, uh, basically eliminate the resources of these big cities, and so they create these suits called yagers. Yagers, yeagers. Why are the it's a German words. It's a German word for for monster. Yeah, yeah, and I and I love how they classify them too, because, like they'll say, hey, this is a class five, uh, the fastest yeager hunter, hunter, not monster hunter. Sorry, Hunter. Yeah, so, but there's multiple classes of yeager. There's one through five. That the first movie, and same goes for Kaijus too. There's categories for them and they go to the categories six in the movie and there's a they're going to kind go five. Sorry, I was thinking the second movie. There's a category six and the second movie. But yeah, there's five categories in the first movie and they're huge, like these things are all massive, like they are monsters, like big monsters, like they're bigger than buildings and they destroyed buildings like no one's business because they're huge. And so that they make these yagers that are huge there and then they do scaling really well. Like so there's like the intro scene where your first time like the Gypsy dangers coming back and you see that this like grandpa and his grandson on the beach and you see them and just you see the Yager come up and they're not even above his like towline. They're just and they could walk in the ocean because they're so big. So cool. And the story, the storyline is actually really good. Like you go from a guy getting basically uh neuro linked ripped and like has to and has to feel his brother's death and then how he he...

...survives only running the machine on his right hemisphere. Yeah, and like only when the person has ever done that. It's very dark and gritty and I really love it for that. And they it's dark and gritty and but they expect you to realize what it is. They tell you that they do a brain sync, basically to the run the Eggers, and then you see the brother die, like Oh hey, aren't they still late? And they don't really bring it up the fact that you know, he felt his brother until later in the movie, but then he realized he has trauma. Before that, and I say the first thirty minutes, it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and how like these pilots become heroes and like celebrities, celebrities, and then it downfalls to we're done, we're gonna cut the program we're gonna build walls, and then Bam, here comes a monster through a wall, and then you feel you can feel it in the scene. It's like why are we build these walls? Then, yeah, like you just you had that moment like Oh wait, they're doing this, this Pacific Rim wall, and then it breaks to the wall, like why, it was complete sex on the wall in Australia. Yeah, and then you get to see your uh Straka Rika and that the fastest. Yeah, that was cool, but but yeah, so you get this in a personal story and then you get this overarching government plot to kind of like build these walls, for it is the way that they think of is gonna work. It's just like Oh, cool, like we'll make the walls, but these eggers can get bigger and bigger and okay, let's let's let's think. All right. So, Ben What do you think, uh, how the story is? So there's gonna be basically like three main characters in this movie. You're gonna have the main guy where his brother dies. I can'tnot remember their name. Yancy. Yeah, you're gonna have him. You're gonna have the general and then the general's adopted daughter, but Raleigh, not Yan. You have maco, Raley and stacker coast. What do you what do you think, man, of this idea, because most of the time most movies are going to have like one or two protagonists or main characters? Well, I think a lot of these type of like summer blockbuster disaster type movies typically do have more characters in them, so there's more um kind of more going on, I guess, so they can make a few more human story with the with the characters, like you see with Independence Day, um, basically anything that I forgot for rolling emrick makes. You know, it's got like a million characters tomorrow. So, yeah, so, but each character is different. Each character has their own little backstory. Each character serves um their purpose differently. Like with Mako, you don't exactly know what's going on with her. You had a full story with her too. I love that. Like she she's like a side character, but she comes her own full character. But the end of the movie, and she's a great character too, and she has a lot of trouble and choose anyone. And then her relationship with Stacker, to cost is, it's gorgeous. Oh my God, it's a great like parents daughter relationship. Yeah, and then you got okay, I'm at Raleigh. Raleigh was a fun character. Uh. And then how he said words without southern drawl. That's like southern California is draw kind of thing. It was such a weird way how he said because it was very rough, rough, because isn't he English? Yeah, that's what I was kind of thinking because when I was watching it, like the biggest knock on it is just like I don't think he knew what kind of accent he wanted, so he sounds like every scene he sounded. I got confused because with with some of the characters. Uh, I don't know if this can be considered racist because they're well, it is, because they're they're white. Like all the white guys looked the same in this movie. So I kind of got confused who was who through most of the movie. Um, but Um, especially since you had Australian guys and this guy who's you can tell is not American. That's try and do some sort of American accent, of American accent, and just the he he well, he does the intro speech as well, and the accent is just all over the place and it's so fun because, well, come on, he's been piling. He watched his brother die. He's been piling the diager for a while. Uh, he's been all over the wall. He's all over the world with his wall, so maybe his actually might be a little different. So I think it kind of makes sense for the story a little bit like everything is done on purpose in this movie, like everything's on the purpose. I love how they get him back to pilot and they find him and they're like, uh, Hey, we want you to come back and he's like, am I your last choice? He's like or no,...

...he was like you're my first choice because all the other choices are dead. It's like, yeah, you're my first choice. Really, everyone else is dead. Everyone else dead. Fair enough, what remains? You're my first choice, exactly, and that warms my heart to cost uh. It's he's played with just Elba and he nails this role of this third older guy who is at the end of his line, like he's done, like there's nothing left after this, and he plays the part so well that you know you're seeing this guy play his all his cards. He has all his cards at the table. This is the last draw. He's losing funding. Um, there's only four, there's only four yeager's left. Um, he's done. He has like an ultimatum at the very int spoiler warning, but yes, just kind of go out the window already. We kind of give gave a lot of way movie and if you haven't seen it yet and you're listening to this and you're into the stuff we're into, come on, man, watch it before you listen. A little later that one. But yeah, a little light in there. Many but I can. I can edit this somehow to put them front. I probably won't, but I could if I wanted to. Okay, so we we get to we we get to the shadow, the last shadowed dome in Hong Kong. All right, we get to that one. So the thing one. That's when you first meet maco and, uh, you see the Yagers, the rest of the yeagers. You see, you know, you see Turno Alpha, which is like generation one yeager, and it feels heavy because it's, Oh, it's a Russian, it's a Russian yeager, and it's just practically heavy. This is gonna just beat down things and it was so cool. And then you have you know, you have gypsy danger. That's know, but you don't see that just yet. And you see crypto typhoon, which requires three pilots within his three arms, and then strike Erika, which we just talked about, and then you have the great reveal of Gypsy danger. And Gypsy danger is just old school flash three nucular driven and I love the fact. So they do this pan up of Gypsy danger and you can see like these knuckle tattoos and stuff on the hands, like these little markings everywhere, like personal personalizations of every piece of this Jager. And then later, like they do the scene where, like he punches to a wall and like the fifth stops and you can see like the knuckle tattoos and stuff on the knuckles. And then it warms my heart because they put so much time and effort to making this Jagger just look as built as possible by people with nothing left, and it looks amazing. And the soundtrack, that that that that drum, big bass, like broom when they showed Gypsy dating. Oh Yeah, I had a nice time. Watched this movie again. The soundtrack is amazing. So yeah, we get to that point and then you, uh, pentercons is like, well, we need a second pilot for Gypsy jadres. You know, Um, you're gonna YOU'RE gonna be piling it and with you pilot it. We need to have one of the persons. You know with Raleigh piling, they need one of the person to pilot it. And so they're going through and they're doing uh uh, you know, it's a poca fighting, the POCA fighting. Yeah, UH, and it's not actually fighting, it's just a dance, like they're trying to dance and you know, dance fighting like in Umia. Yeah, it's because the whole concept of piling the Yagers is you're supposed to Mesh really well together. It's true, they're going through yeah, you have to, you have to vibe and you have to kind of build tell each other, like figure we each other out. And the only person like everyone's like failing constantly, and he's uh, Makua is like just being, you know, a pritty leading lady about, like yeah, yeah, and he's like what, what's the problem? Is like well, I could, I could do this better than you, like I can do this better anyone else. And this is where you started. First start seeing pentecost going no, no, no, you're she's not a pilot, you know, no, no, and then they finally get to their their Boca match, and it works out really well and they're really compatible and Rali's like no, she's my pilot, like she's perfect, and striker is um pentecost like no, not gonna happen, not a chance. But then the next you don't he's like no, not gonna Happen, and then, you know, they have another talk and then he comes into Gypsy Games of the next day to do like sinking training with his new partner and it's Marco. Yeah, and she and so that she has her own Mamma's and then this is actually where... find out why her traumas are, is that everyone she knows dies. Everyone she knew died. And you get to see pentecost in an original yeager and if I remember the name of it, it is called, uh, what is it called? It's it's called brawler Yukon was the one he was piling, I believe, or Coyote Tango, Katie Tango, is the one he was he was piling and because it has that that really distinctive, like every yeager's extinctive as well. They're all different looking and you can see it. It's like this big blocky Mech and you you were Uh. And then that's what we see there. Um, then the the KAIJU attack Hong Kong. That the fight scene is absolutely beautiful and we see these yeagers are volving. So we we get we get to we get to the fight and one of the yeagers has an e MP blast on it. Okay, so it's one one constute acid and destroy whatever it touches. So Alpha trenoble's out there. It's an old school Mac it's going out there, it's about to whoop some serious butt and it gets as spit his face and it starts melting all like the head components. And they go for a takedown and they're gone striking. Uh. You get crison, Criston typhoon goes out there. They get knocked out by the UH. They get knocked out by the e MP blast, including with striker Alpha or striker Eureka, and then uh Criston Styphon is taken out and then you get uh Eureka, satn uh, uh, uh, my goodness, strike Eureka. The pilots are like, well, we either just sit here and die or we can go up there and piss something off. And they climb about with flag guns and they're looking at this UH and they're staring down this uh, this uh, this Kaiju, and they shoot flag guns into his eyes and it's hilarious because like one makes it, the other one just kind of goes off. And then Uh. And then Gypsy danger shows up. Well, I think that's like that one of the coolest entrance too, because as it shows up, it shows up like with that ship. Yeah, no, no, that that's when he's going to go fight in the city. So they're they're on the Miracle Mile at this point. So they're still in the ocean and uh, one of them is going after Charlie Day or the professor, because he sanked himself with a yeager mind, with a with the kaiju mind, the subrains. Yeah, with the subbrains sanked up with that. They find out that's not a good idea, because then you're now linked to the KAIJUS and they can track you, and so they're sending so you find out all these Kaijus are actually interconnected, like they're there. Um, uh, they are like a fleet computer system and they keep getting bigger and better. Just take down each and every yeager, because they see what happens to them. They're like, oh, hey, this one died because of this. Well, guess what we're gonna says something that can spit acid and do e MP blast and while they send those and that that's what kills them. And the guy's name also the it's not Charlie, it's Newton. Yeah, new and yeah, new and yeah, yeah. So the scientists, yeah, doctor or something something, and were just called the Newton and U. Um. So you find out you you meet Hannibal, like you have to go find this guy named Hannibal because they have to find another they have to find another brain because they found out so much information from the first time they did the the sync with the brain. So, like, we didn't go find out this. So you gotta go find this dude in Hannibal. And we find out that pentecost has been dealing with this black market guy because it's the only way he can get funding for the yagers. It was through the black market because no one, no other governments, given money. Yeah, they don't care anymore. They went the wall, went a wall. It's a wall, apparently works and it doesn't. It even before that that it doesn't work, but they were still gonna. Yeah, they're still going with whatever. And so the story is not super complex. It's not. It's not. They want Roman's Funny Watch. So, yeah, it's pretty much out there. It's an intelligent movie, but it's not super complex. So yeah, so we we we we we watched new go into bone alley, which is a city built around old Kaiju bones, because they're massive, they're huge, and we could watch, you know, we would watch him looking for Hannibal and Hannibal is played by Hell Boy. Oh, Ron Perlman's in this movie, and this I didn't know this one. To Watch this movie the first time, I did not realize this, and I'm like, is that it's Ron Damn Pearlman. And what's... the whole movie? What's the one phrase that that makes that sticks with him? Oh, where's my Dang Shoe? Where's My boot? where, God, Dang boots? The last thing you see is the last Oh God, great, okay, but yeah, we got Gypsy danger, and so that he defeats the one that spits ascid. So let's go. UH, he rips out the one that's the gland that does the e MP blast, rips side out, kills the one that spits Ascid, and then the one that got start ripped out was going to go find newts, because that's what they're going to a little look for, looking for new and this is where you get that scene where he's dragging the Gypsy dangers, dragging the ship along as a sworder ship, just the bigg containers, dragging along for the sword, and I'm like, Oh, and then this is the battle royal. That just like one of the most colorful scenes I've seen and yeah, it's in down it's in Hung U, it's a Hong Kong and it's gorgeous because it contrast is so well, because the mets are dark, all right, the MEX are all dark. I know they're colored, are like red, green, blue, silver, but they're darkly contrasted and so are the Kaiju and the lighting from the city contrasts so well with these monsters, the pinks, and they're all four less, like they're all like neon colors, and it just it works so well because the Kaiju have this like neon blue light that it radis off them and it just looks. It's it's one of the best giant one. It's one of the best Ghy robot scenes you ever gonna see on any medium. Like any of them, like SSS reread man, either get in Gunnham Um, any any like giant Mech anime doesn't hold a candle to what del Toro does with Gypsy danger versus this. The one thing I just can't get past is how it's just always raining. Oh yeah, it's always raining. Well, you got you know, you have the last fight water and then the other ones are all raining and you know the role of cool is every fight in the rain looks really cool. Basically, yeah, it's for you know, the just the atmosphere creates like more tension if it's raining. So we get to we get to the giant neck fight and like they're they're about to they're about to win, but then the Kaiju opens his wings and flies up and carries off Gypsy danger. They get all the way up and then they use a sword and just cut it in a half and fall back to earth and you ask yourself, why don't they use the sword rob because it's very effective, right, it's a super effective weapon, just cuts anything in half. Right, but there's a stuff called Yeager UH kaiju blue. It's their blood and it poisons everything that touches. So Up to this point in the movie you see them punching and plasma handing a lot of things in the face, because it categorizes any kind of wound and so none the blood gets out. And you slice it a half, guess what happens when the blood fall with it. So that's why they sliced it in the upper atmosphere and they followed the earth and you you see this really cool scene of a yeager just falling to earth and just like surviving that fall, because these yagers are basically monsters and indrastructible gods. It falls the earth, into the ground. It looks what you do see. You see again in the second movie, the same kind of concept. Yeah, but it's not nearly as cool like the first of what you're the first time you see it. It's just looks amazing. Okay, so I thought this was ben show. Yeah, I know what happened. You, you got you guys took it over from the beginning and it's your favorite movie, Jim So, one of your favorite movies. I enjoyed just listening to you talk about it, so you can ramble us as much as you want. Yeah, the rest of the story real quick, and then, I'm pretty sure Ben's gotta picture your face on the wall. Here's those darts at night. I believe this entirely. No, that's just the punching bag with a two hundre mags over the side of two. You can't just have one up there. Well, there's there's a there's a few voodoo dolls. I explained so much. Yeah, there's a poster on the wall, but I have those like throwing, not daggers instead of darts. I'll do with telling stars. But okay, they're called Sharri cons. Sure, Billy, Jesus Christ, sure, Hey, con, okay, whatever. Okay, continue to this movie. So you you see, Um, you see, uh, you strike Rika's pilot, the young pilot, the DAD and the son. The young pilot is disrespecting Marco because she's new. They had an issue, because they wouldn't have they wouldn't have an issue if Marco would have figured herself out a little sooner and like got out there. They would have lost two other mechs. And so he's being a piece uh words to maco and like, uh, Raleigh,... he was like starting role. He's like, I don't care to talk whatever you want about me, but you say anything to her. No, and he just whoops that guy's but it's great because you know, and it proves that Raleigh knows what he's doing, like he's experienced. He knows Zaly's doing. Don't mess with him because he knows what he's doing. Leave him alone, do your job, get over it. That's why pentecost came and talked to him, because he knows what he's doing. Uh, and so now you have this. So something else shows up where they're starting to a category five is expected to come out of the rift where the monster has been coming from. And you have this issue though, this kid who guys at but whooped, is now injured. He can't pilot his yager. And then you find out that pentecost can pilot a yeager. He's like, Oh, I can callow you. And you, because you saw him in Maccu Marcu's history, like you saw her vision or her past, that he could pile eager. You didn't find out as well. He's radioactive, completely radioactive, and up to this, up to this point of the movie, He'd been seeing like his nose start bleeding randomly and because he's pure radiing, like he's pure radiation, like he's dying, like he's dying. This is his trump card, this is everything he has, because that's it. He can't do anything after this. He's done. He's done for and it's a really funny scene where Raleigh like touch like grabs him by the arm, and but the gods like, first rule, never touched me. Second Rule, you never touched me. And then makes sense, because he's freaking radioactive. Don't ever touch him because you'll get radiation poisoning you touch him. Technically, scientifically speaking, if he was radioactive, you shouldn't go near him. Yeah, you shouldn't. But you find out that. Yeah, well, so mark one, Mark One riagers, didn't have radiation shielding, like didn't have it because they were just trying to pump him out, because these are giant watches of these destrolling everything, so trying to pump these things out and like all those testing and he was one of the first pilots, that the first the Mae was mark mark one Gager, and it makes sense why he's such a you know, he's and he can't have children. So Marcus's daughter, and what won't? Now you can. Finally, he can out children in the second movie, but the first movie you don't see a children, Marcus's daughter, and he doesn't want to lose her, like he's like everyone else. She's lost and he's lost. He's lost everybody and he's on the end of his line. Man, he's done, like this is it. That's why he's so hell bent on making this mission work, because it's the last mission and if it works, it's done. There's no more, no more Kaiju. We're good to the second movie. There's more, there's more and so the so their ideas strap and duke to the back of Striky Eureka and there's just uh, this is moment where the dad is talking to his son about stuff and like how life is like different, like you know, you never expect life to be what you expected to be, and stuff like this really good speech between father and son. Be Goaes. You find out that it's a suicide mission because they strap a nuclear bomb to the back of track of Eureka to go blow up this rift. And it's it's a government modecause he just saw these like older guys like talking and like this. It's the last draw. That's it done, and like these parenthal figures are leading us. Let me rephrase of the statement. It was the dad who got hurt, not the son. So the DAD's left, not the son. The son's going to go die and with him because he got hurt in Um. He got hurt in Uh Eurequency, unstrapped himself and he got hit. They got hit and he got flying in the wall. So we phrase myself. I want to make sure I'm correct on that one. Let's go back five minutes and yeah, so like this, this Dad's watching a sudden go off to die with Pento coost and like it's not supposed to be a super serious movie, but there's these moments where you like spicy bunetball. Yeah, they put some emotion and there's and so they're underwater, like they have to go to the rift underwater, like they're marching underwater. These two humongous yagers are just marching underwater to the rift and it looks really, really cool. It's just like submerging. Oh, and then you find out you, like normal stuff, can't go to the rift, that you have to have a Kaiju to go to the rift. And so they set off the nuke. Uh Eureka strike the striker, Eureka is gone, and you see like this the nuke like explode and like all the water gets pushed out because nucle EXPLOSI. This... like it's actually based on what happened underwater during the Bikini UH BIKINI Bola test, h Bi bottom. Yeah, that's where they based the cartoon off, like spongebobs based off the Bikini Iola the area. I thought it was like an actual bikini bottom, like the bottoms of swimsuits. Yes, yes, yes, this is shows for kids. Man. So it actually like physically moves the water all the way and you see Gypsy dangers just get hit by this nucle explosion and still standing afterwards because they're just giant mix and they decided to take on nucle explosions. It was so cool. And so, uh, it uses the sword again on the category five that came through, slips in with the category five, goes back through the rift and because the duke didn't do it, they didn't do it, didn't do anything. So they go back to the rift and they realized that Gypsy danger is nuclear like. It's still powered by Duke as well, and so they set the new golf of the Jonathan themselves. And it ends with the scene where Maku and Raleigh hug each other. They don't kiss, they don't get together, and I thought that was awesome because it wasn't a love story. It was a friendship store between them. There wasn't really any feelings there. It was them just being really good friends because they had to be compatible to, you know, drave the yeager. And then you get something that I really love. Sorry, I loved it too because not every relationship has to be romantic, doesn't have to be platonic friends, friends like we all know. There's not enough of that in movies. Like I feel like we are just oversaturated where you have to ship everything. Everything has got to be shipped. Um, and me and dad talks about this on our northern rings one where Peter Jackson like created relationships and the Lord of the rings movies and the hobbits movies. That wasn't in the books. Um, it worn't. Kind of worked for Lord of the Rings, but it really didn't work for Hobbit to have the the love triangle things. But no, it should have been to the two Max okay, but back continue. Sorry. Then we get a really cool line where Hannibals like where's my Gut Dang shoe? Uh, and there's a whole subplot between Hannibal and like a baby yeager baby Kaiju and like him being eaten bype. It's really funny, it's Hilarious, nuts, it's great and uh, yeah, so there's like a baby, there's a baby Kaiju that eats Hannibal and when he gets sucked into his mouth, this shoe goes flying off and then like like he pops, he cuts himself out, like where's My got Dag shoe? All right, so that's that's a movie. The Red Ference in the in the beginning of size comparison. Yeah, so when they were at the rift and that category five comes out, it was like three times the saw dangerous. Yeah, so it categories, it's size comparison from the beginning. So the guys, the kid and the GRANDPA, were so small. Well, at the end of the Kaiju comes out and makes that Mike said, yeager looked like the GRANDPA. Oh yeah, no, it's great. I love that too. I love how it swam up out the rift and you're just like when will it end? Yeah, it's like swimming out of the ripping, like you're like, Whoa, he's up. To this point you've seen some pretty big monsters. We see anything at this and they've progressively gotten bigger. So like you're expecting to be kind of big, not that big, like, because it's like at least twice the size of a normal of a class four Kaiju. Yeah, twice the size. Yeah, and so it's it actually makes you like Oh, they but actually lose because you just saw them take like a nuke didn't really care. Okay, so that's basically the movie. The soundtracks amazing, the graphics are gorgeous. Everything's well thought out, and this is really cool. Part I love about this movie is the the cockpits for the pilots are physical cock pits, like they actually had to physically move all those parts. Like each strange step you see, they actually strained to step, like every single del Toro was not having any like they're like I will use as little C G I in this movie as possible, and the only C G I you really get are the yeager like yeager Kaiju fights. It's really about it. The rest of it is as much practical effects as possible, including so there's a scene where news and a bunker and like the tongue for the kaiju comes in and it's like sniffing around for him and like it has like the tendrils and stuff to come out, and that's all practical, like that's all like wire work and stuff like. It was not C G I put in, like it's all practical. Del Toro does such good work. He did hellboy one and two blade two, which was awesome, of the cop steps as well, because they were like open pits too. So when you saw them walking, their...

...gears were turning underneath them. It was physically turning gears undneath them, like it was physical. Because, okay, they went through like iterations of those cockpits because they're like, Oh yeah, we'll just put it in C G. I make a box, put it, it's fine, and that's what it was like. No, no, this is gonna be physical. And so like they put like footpads in there. It's like no, this is going to be a real thing, like we want spears. I want spears, I want them in the box, I want them there. That want them the strain to move. They showed the actual pictures, like there's the massive they were massive, actual built. And then they had the lady who did the voice for lattice from UH portal one in portal too. She came and they actually had heard to the voice for all the command stuff within within the shattered and stuff, which was pretty funny, and I'm like Oh, like that's gladys. Wait, like hold on, uh. So, yeah, and then like all the little details, like the fact that the triplets who piloted, who piloted uh Crimson Typhoon, like they played basketball together, because they required to be able to play, like, you know, do stuff in correlation in their triplets. And like how the body moves. So like the arm, like the back arm, could be like the front arm, like it could. It could spin the whole body, or like the Upper Corso all the way around to get a better adjustment on the arms, and that was cool, like like and all three arms had like blades in them, like like circle Sall blades and them and like cut into things. But the only one whatever used it at that time. Oh Christine. And then you got turn turn on Alpha, which was huge and like it moves so slow was it weighed? It was the heaviest, heaviest unit ever made and it was designed to take a beating and it looked messed up, like the first time you see it. It's just beat up, like there's there's everywhere, because it was a generation one and it's been around forever. Gorgeous, gorgeous looking. And you have strequy Rika, which is the new one, and it doesn't have as many bass cars. It's really fast, but lightweight. It looks lightweight. Danger. It is the danger yepsy danger sounds like a band from the seventies. Right. Yeah, and like all all the yeager names are really cool, like all of them, like Bralla, Yukoni, cody, tango, the album and intercept, solar, profit, Puma, real eat an assassins. They have these really cool names. Where all the yagers. And so it's just like they put work into making this the story. They put work into making the world around the story. So you have Pacific Rim and then they build an entire world. Like so when the movie, before the movie came out, all they had a bunch of information about the yagers and all the Kaijus, like surface of one, on like a website, and so you can look at all the stuff and like you can read stuff about like what, what certain things happened. Like we knew about, uh, we knew about Kaiju blue before the movie actually came out, because it was on the website and talked about how it caused our environmental damage and stuff. We knew about that before the movie even came out. And like they were talking about cities built around these bones that are left from these, you know, these kaijus and stuff like that. And like certain things, like what what they they talked about the droppings from Kaiju and stuff like the lights and like what can happen and all of those stuff. They talked about this website and so that they built this whole world around this movie before it ever came out. So the movie came out, it felt exceptionally lived in and it was wicked awesome. I loved it. Uh, I was super into the movie. Yeah, like, I'd like the fact that did so much world building, and they did not. Even if you went in there not knowing anything, you still like you left the movie you feel really entertained, like you know. There's a couple of little things that you might not have caught onto because it's it's for the super fans, but for the most part you left the movie going. I watched an awesome, awesome robot fight movie. I don't care, this is great. It was. It was pretty pretty darn fun. Yeah, the data looks so cool. Okay, but yeahsibilly, you've been quiet. Well, I've been have to be quiet. Oh, you have anthing important to say about this. I love the movie. I absolutely did. Um, I didn't know what I was getting into in it because I never really watched or all that website and anything like that. So I was like blind blind. But I liked it. I liked the different styles they had, the character development. Um, could care less for the sequel, the sequels. I enjoyed it,...

...but I saw that not bad. But if you saw the room, the first one, before you saw the sequel, didn't you don't really mad about the sequel. Like you, it's not the same, different person. But I know, I guess. Uh, I guess like the one good thing about it, I mean the whole thing. Honestly. The one thing I didn't like about it was the rain. It rained everywhere, but was rain up and down. Right now, right there was ranked. Sometimes it ran both ways. What about you? What do you think, man? What did your takeaway and what you didn't like? Well, now, it was a fun movie. Um, I enjoyed I think the C G of the yagers and the Kaiju and the fight scenes are pretty cool. Um, I thought the way they do framed, the shots which del Toro, he's like the master framing of like monsters and stuff. Um. But the again, I I messed it before, the Um Rally, his just his accent sometimes and sometimes whenever he would be in the the mask that they have to wear. Um, you can you can clearly tell that he had a dove over over himself. Um. And Yeah, it's just just a few, just little things that way, but that's about it. Um, I think. Um, it did have a lot of characters in it, some character characters you you cared about, some you don't, because, like you mentioned Charlie Day, but we never really mentioned him like in the whole review of it, which and he had a big part to do with it, him and that other British guy who was in Um, he was in dark knight also. He always plays a bad guy, like he's always just like this. He's like the same character every character. He yes, it's further sidcast, but yeah, like there. They weren't the main story. They were a subplot within the main story. And subplot then, like say with Godzilla versus Kong, whenever they had that. It's a good subplot, it's a great subplot, but it's just a subplot. And like, you're there. So most people went to the movie expecting like one giant robot fight and like some terrible human edgest story. No, we got three giant robot fights, four dry robot fights and some human interest story. And it was it was a balance, like it was a good balance of it. It did a really good balance. I wouldn't. I wasn't expecting to get four fights out of this movie and it was really cool. And Charlie Day and uh, the other guy the other side. They weren't super important, but the subplot itself ran the end of the story. It all came to there it all. It took separate paths, it all came back together and it's a really well still. It's a really well told story and it's not super complicated. It's not. There's a couple of little things, like you know, when the movie first came out, I was like, why don't they just use a sword for everything, like how it should end? It was like, yeah, he's just just said at the raft to just keep using the sword to kill everything. Like that's not how that works. Like there's Kai do blue, like it's gonna be shore wherever they get touch it. So they learn from hey, they keep doing this. Let's you know, it's like another movie referenced Dark Uh, not dark night, but as Batman begins, when Goren's like well, if we start using handguns, they start using semi automatics. You know, I we start using, you know. So they keep they they learn and they grow their technology based off of what they learned from us. So and so, yeah, it's a fairly smart movie. It's simple but smart and like it. And they never treat any one as a dumb audience member, like like you're gonna understand this, we know you can understand that. They break it down really well, but they don't. They don't spoon feed it to you. They don't. They don't hold your hand the entire time. They gave you the real quick rundown to the beginning of the movie and then you're into the movie and you're into this world and you're into like yagers exist. I will have to say that like this, the side story with the Um, the Charlie Day's character and, Um, crap, who is hell boy again? Hannibal? Yeah, Um, Oh, and the guy from blade two shows up there too. Yeah, he's like he's like the guy in the front of the store. I noticed that to him, like but like that, that kind of, in my opinion, like this is a knock to that kind of like takes you out of like it just feels like different, um, because it's it's seems like it's shot different. Those are like more you know. Well, sometimes there's there's more comedy in those shots too, but it's just it just from the aesthetic of...

...everything else that's going on. It is kind kind of take Shaw, but you get more color, you get to see the dead Kaiju a lot more up close and you see like how the black market operates as well, which is really cool. I like that you see how this like the black market operates and how they can pillage and like take all these parts from these KAI JUS and whatnot. And Uh, I think it's shot really well for because it contrasts really well with the other big stuff, like you see this humongous giant robot fights and all like all this military s stuff within the other shattered domes, and then you get this kind of comedy bits where it's like ha ha, wait, wait, I don't know if you should laugh or be like scared because this is contrasting really weird with the rest of it, but it's different and I think it's a I want to call it it's like an intermission, because it happens between giant monster fights. So I think it's your intermission so you're not over like overblown by these like moster flights. I could. I think that's what that is. Like. Oh, okay, that wait. So it's like it's really well done. I like it. Um, yeah, and then you've got more color and Hannibals. Great, it's it's rotten pro man. He's look, I don't I don't think I've ever seen him in a bad role. I don't think. I think I've ever seen him a matter role. Even sons of anarchy, he was a lot of fun. And Sons of anarchy, hell boy one and two one of the shows I watched him and he was in a he's done a lot of voice acting stuff now because getting older. He's like seventy four. He's up there. Yeah, you're like Na. And he's willing to go and finish the hell by trilogy. He wants to finish it. It's like, I'll get back in shape, let's do this. Well, they should have done that to begin with. I haven't seen the new hell boy, but like it. I know like it's it just did not look if you're a comic book Fan, it's a lot of fun if you're a combook fan for how boy. If you're not, you're can be completely lost. I'm an leave it like that. Yeah, so, but Um uh, they made a sequel to this movie. That is kind of like they took the story. Like del Toro did not want to do a sequel to this movie at all. He's like, this movie is done, like it's done. We killed them and me. It's done. It's everything's over with a while long. Yagers are gone, there's nothing left. It's done. Students are like, you guys made a lot of money, we want more of that, and we didn't. So tods like, I'm not touching this. And so the director for the sequel was not del Toro at all. It was not him. And so the sequel has a completely revived at least, shot completely differently. Nothing has that. It's kind of a different feel. It's it's it's more it feels like you're watching an anime, to be fair with you, it really does. It feels like you're watching a giant robot fighting anime. Well, and you can tell that it was. It was made quicker, like the script was probably written a little bit quicker because they're just trying to push it out as as possible. I I still enjoyed it because it you know, I have the stuff that I enjoyed in it. Um, but it's a lot of times the emotion that they put in a first one you can't really replicate in the second one and you try and then sometimes you try to bring in these actors that are maybe big young name actors, Um, but it just it just doesn't work, even if they're good actors. It's just it doesn't feel right. It just doesn't work. But I enjoyed it, like, I liked it, but it's fine. It's just, you know, going from going from Pacific Ram to Pacific Ram Uprising. It's just like if you, if you go in, not watch the Pacific Ram. It's a fine movie. You what happened like the first one was awesome. What happened with this should not be this bad. But yeah, that's just that. That is so. Oh well. But yeah, so del Toro went on to do uh after this movie. He wanted to do a couple of other movies as well. He was going to the Hobbit. He was and you can tell his influence in the hobbit because a lot of this stuff just kind of feels del Toro e. But he had to pull out and then so Peter Jackson decided to direct it. Yeah, he went on from Pacific Rim to do, I believe, Hellboy two. Oh, he did. UH, how about came out before this, the strain. He started working on the strain and then the next thing we did right after that was crimson peak and shape of water. Next movies. And shape of water was super weird and really good, really weird with the girl falling in love with this. Yeah, it's the weird part. Yeah, but yeah, he but he also has a new pinnocchia movie coming out on Netflix which looks really good, because they made a other one with polly shore in it as a... grab, the polly show in it. And Yeah, but he did Helpo want into pans labor blade two. And there's another movie he did. One of his first movies ever worked on was called Chronos, which was really, really cool. It's like a time travel issue movie, but it required you to be stabbed in the hand to do it. Weird and know, but it. It's super weird. Like it. And he's always done really good practical effects. So he does one movie, uh, called Mimic, I believe you, double's backbone. Double's backbone. He does UH movie. And so they had these practical effects for the ghosts. So they would film in location for where the ghosts want, they want the ghost to be, and then they would overlay that into the actual scene as a practical effect into the scene. So all the ghosts looked really yeah, like all the there's no C G. I dealt with it. So it looked really, really good and it came out like it's still looked amazing. Look Great. Yeah, so that's what we're working on. Good stuff. Uh. And then everyone else in the movie, you just Selba went on to do, you know, eat his Selba things, because he just always eat his Elba. I'll just say I watch almost any movie he's in because I just love his characters. Well, he's got that movie coming out in a few weeks where he takes his dollars on the safari and then this uh lion is just like killing people for fun. Oh Yeah, yeah, I forgot what it's called, but that's coming out, I think, in two or three weeks. Oh, I'm looking forward to that. It should be fun too. Far. I I thoroughly enjoy anything he just happens in, and he's when he he played uh, he played uh Bah Bah. We're looking forward yeah, he's like a nickelodeon Um, the guy in Thorp um him. Yeah, we played him. That was great. He did a good job with that and I'll tell you when they knows the old eyes contrast is super well with his skin tone and it just looked great. And on top he's a great actor, and so everything worked really well and I was like, but he hated doing that role because of all the makeup and stuff he had to do. Like I was surprised that he actually played that role for three movies and then a piece and because, from what it really like, he really hated doing that role. Yeah, he had to, like contractually he had to. So, no, I don't think for the fourth one, I think he was ill for the way he wants to end the character with with it, and that's why, you know, he died. Had to kill him. Yeah, he died. He died right. Yeah. So, but he was Alwa and like there's a there's a show he's in called Luthor. Yeah, I haven't seen it, but it's it's really good. Uh, it's a very good cop drama, like a psychotic cop drama. End Up, it was really where he got to start at and it shows like you can see like the little bit stups he has, but at the end of the series he's on points. That's all I gotta say about you. Just but he's a good actor, alright, what everyone else kind of just did over their own things. So there's the only big big names came in from the movie that's still doing stuff for stuff. I recognize the topic. He's the only one that's like a big like a list actor. I will say this. There's that speech that he just couple gets like so it's pent the Costa speech like we will not go quietly into the night, we will fight. Stupid, stupid speech, but out of his mouth it sounds gorgeous. Well, it was really short, though, like it was really reminiscent of independence, and I'm like, Hey, this is like well, but it's a disaster movie too, I guess you know, but Um, I was like, man, that's the president right there. Yeah, you're saying. They're like, I've heard this speech before. Hold on, like, hold up, hold up, but yeah, it's super short. It's you. You actually read that. The words are said. It's very dumb. It's like stupid, but it's just yeah, you could have shouted the phone book and you'd be like yes, yes, I'm with you. I think he just started with the bees and the yellow pages, but I'm about to fight something. Oh and for our younger viewers, a phone book, a book with phone numbers in it, because everybody's phone number used to be public. Yes, and it was once a year. They would do it one a year, and then they had and you would have two of them too. You would get one for businesses and one for people. You know, white pages, and you get a yellow pages and then you'll get they then they did it all in one, and then ads in there too. There was ads and it, and then they used to do photo competition, so people would have photo competitions go onto it. That's why if you see older companies,...

...uh, that's if you see an older company with like two a's in the beginning of their name, it's because if you had one a there, it was flooded, so if you put two a's, you would pop up first. Yeah, you're at the top of the name. Yeah, the top of the list, and that's the hundred was able to find Sarah Connor, but he killed the wrong Sarah Connors first. She got lucky that her middle name starts with the letter later than those other two. That's right. That's right. And if you ever like, uh, don't worry, telephone is what's in your pockets. That's on the wall. Used to be a court attached to it, and we were when we were kids. That used to rotate when you press the number. They used to be the thing called phone booths, uh man, movie or a Juke abuster. Man, those existed at one point. That was every time I'm at a gas station and it has a pay phone, I take a picture of it. It's so confused that is that a is that a pay phone? Yeah, man, I was like no, here's my seven dollar pay phone, I'll tell you that. And computer, computer, it's more powerful than most the first dozen and a half space shuttles. Yeah, combined. Yeah, alright, alright, man, what are we at? I don't know. Whatever we get, we're all at old as dirt. UH, yeah, we're at an hour for this Um. So we're gonna take the take that part to a close. So, but the big reason this week why they are on my show is because this week they are celebrating d hero is celebrating their one year anniversary. On August five, we need. We need party favors and like party hats on and like, yeah, celebration. And I to be fair, I thought you one of the song because you actually liked us, not because of well, I did say, all, I like you. And well, I didn't say that I like you, I said I have you on my show like that happens because I like to have you on my show. This week, this week especial, because Jacob had to back out, so I had to find a backup. So, yeah, I'M gonna go. He was near me. I'm gonna go find him and I'M gonna go fart in his general direction. All Right, the nights of the year. But okay. So, Um, as of when this is out on the podcast, Um, I might actually have to normally I put the video in the podcast different but I'm probably gonna have to do these on the same exact day because as a thank you for the podcast listeners, on my side, on their side. Um, we are doing giveaways. So why is getting? Why is this? GIVEAWAYS, giveaways, giveaways. So did we determine the I guess the fifth would be the last day of the giveway, right. I believe I would do this. Would do the six give it a d eight. Okay, because this this will this will post probably on the second. So second. Um, it is a four, three way, four prize, giveaway, four away prize. Uh One is to three giveaways, four prizes total. Yeah, yeah, so, Um, to start this off, on my Tiktok, if I eventually, I want to get to five thousand, I will be doing a Lord Drake con evo three. So uh, giveaway once I hit five thousand, and some other supulations. But Um, so you see this Little Pink Ranger Nin Jetty, Um, if you are on my Tiktok, Baker Rangers, Benjamin Baker, we're gonna give it. What I'm gonna give away this billy. What is going to happen on Ziota Harris Instagram. So on our instagram we're going to give away uh, I was gonna do two different ones and I was like, well, I might as we just bundle them together since they're actually they complement each other. We're gonna give away a Legas version of psycho blue and psycho red on our instagram. And then we're gonna do we're gonna do one discord as well. We're gonna give away in discord. So you gotta join discord. The discord will be the Red Uh sentry from the Boom Studio Comments. So you gotta join discord. You have to verify and accept the rules of the discord server and then you will see a giveaway channel and you go sign up for the giveaway and the giveaway channel and it all it's all going to close the same day and then we're gonna pick the winners and everything. It's you...

...know, you gotta, you gotta go to discord. That Zo to hear dot com, verify via the butt and then accept the rules for the channels. And then while you get in the channel, you can hang out and say hi to people and see who everyone is. And, uh, I think I'm gonna do one more stipulation with it. Um, you gotta, you have to interact on the discord a little bit. You gotta send at least ten, I think ten messages. I think it's gonna be so Nicole messages. Say Hi, get involved. You know, we're all friendly people and we let talk about nerdy stuff, but go in there and say specific rim see what happens. PEOPLE ARE gonna lose their mind. Yes, mostly me. Yes, so my Tiktok give away. I will pin the video so you'd go to it's probably the gonna be the first pinned video. Yes, the first pin video. Um for for that. So look out for that. Should be going today, if you're listening to this, on the second. So if it's after the second, then go to that. If it's after the six, I'm sorry, it's too late. said the six. Huh. So how are you going to do that for Instagram, Mr Billy? So instagram? I'm not too sure yet. We'll figure it out, but that one's going to be a Dino Fury Rad Ranger. I picked up. I thought it was the Echo Red and Oh, actually, you're adding more prizes. Yeah, I have. I got an extra one. That's the one when I get a thousand of followers on Tiktok. Right, no, when you get it thout. I don't know if you're gonna get a thousand. I got I got like I got like thirty. It's I don't care for Tiktok. I have they're all bots and I just promote. I just do promotional materials for the show. Don't think. I think of is Um. We can do uh, we do a pen penpost on instagram about it and then you have to follow and two people followay, tag. Yeah, tack two people and then we can like pick out of their tagger it. All right. So, Um, yeah, so that's that's that's happening. Um. So, thank you guys again. Um, I know we you kind of already mentioned your instagram and your discord, but could you let baby some of my listeners that don't listen to you? I'm sure there's like one or two out there. Let them know what you guys are about. All right, it's no personal plugs. Dot Com read direct to our actual zeroes. So, yeah, we are basically a nerd podcast. Power Rangers, UH, asked, not asked. We were we were formed out of power range, but we talked about pretty much anything out there. Texas just gunned them animated power rangers and more bashing Textas, which is superisles. That's a weird one. That came up a conversation file. Yeah, the supera dancers. We do everything, anything under like the NERD and we talked to cost players, fan fiction. I mean, if it's out there, we we kind of cover it all with everybody. We comes, actors, boys that we come in contact with. Like some of the coolest people we've ever met through it and Um, definitely check us out. We're pretty fun. been no point of yourself. Come on, bean and stop pointing yourself. No, we, we, we. We have a knack of being back and forth pretty well with each other. Uh, we. We have silly comments and uh do all the editing for the show. So if you like the show, come say hi to me, because I don't editing for our show. I've helped, been helped with I hope didn't do his editing her show and stuff. And we, we are. We are the head of the xuity hero network. So we have other people along with our show. So the main podcast, Baker Rangers, is part of the show, is part of the network. We have to play D six, three, seven or an avenger. We have SAM. Yeah, and UH neon lights is another person we have going on with us. So yeah, the website has all of us there. Come check us out, say hi and check out our march shops too. We got actual shirts and the fins wearing one nazzy. It does. It's a lot better than my shirts. Um, I do have a store. I think it's linked in the thing, but dude, just do not go to it right now. I'M gonna be overhauling some of that pretty soon, so act that though. No personal plugs. Dot Com takes its right to the webs. But yeah, I know, enjoy yourself. I got nothing left. Uh, got anything else? Nothing good? Cool. Well, thank you, guys, for listen. I gotta I gotta thank them first for listening and watching. You, I know you gotta go. No, thank you. Thank you for watching. Right there below right. I gotta scroll. It's just says thank you for watching the episode. Don't we talk? You really trying to be the Super Nice...

...present to your fans? Yeah, those well, I could say some things, but I don't want to now. I'm joking. So there you guys again. And UH, in the immortal words of Zord on O, come about me, Bro. There you go, if you enjoy what you're listening to from the Baker Ranger, all his technical problems, but sometimes they're mine because I'm the site or something. Why is it on fire? Why is it on fire? It shouldn't be on fire. Why is it on fire? But you might like to see, because that was stuff on the zero to hero network. Also catch him on Youtube and facebook to see his weekly and also see what else is coming out within the near future. That sword of jeevus.

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