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Episode 26 · 2 months ago

Movie Talk: Kung Pow Enter the Fist


WE ARE BACK with our first episode in months!

Listen as Ben and Jim(Zeo to Hero) talk Kung Pow: Enter the Fist



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Music by TommyMutiu from Pixabay

Killing is wrong and bad. There should be a new stronger word for killing, like bad wrong or ba dong. Yes, killing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing. Canna dab and Welcome to the newest episode of Big Rangers Movie Talk. It's been a long long, long, long, long long while a long time. Music My song was that it is is uh nuts starman Um I can't remember now, hold on, it's the song that they played in Star Trek. Uh how with with art with Archer, I have no idea what you're talking about. It is enterprise, not enterprise, No, yep, Start Trek Enterprise. The intro for Start Trek Enterprise is like, it's been a long time, such a long time, okay, you know what you had me tell you said, start Trenk then and then you lost me. But it's okay. But anyhow, so it's been a long time coming for a new episode of movie Talk. I took a little bit of a hiatus. But now we're back, and I'm not sure for better than ever, but we're back and I'm here slightly better than you what once we're You're doing great? Possibly, I don't know, it might be worse than once was, but I'm better than on once was before whatever. If you're really gated to technically you're older a few months, It's true, that's true. I've had a birthday since then, so I am age wise a year older. So because I think my last episode might have been in July, I want to say, like I did like a mini one talking about how I'm coming back, but my last actual flepsode. But anyway, so yeah, I'm here with my guest Mr Jim Jam from zero to Hero Get it right? Is tug about Jim Well on whatever we're recording. Oh, I can kick you out, awesome if you want to, sure to kick me out because I wanted to see uh oh Jim jab Jim jam Jam Okay. Yeah, And to be fair, I've used in Caster, which we are using zin Caster. I've used in Caster in professional manner a few times with the exact same setup, so it shows up as Jim Jim Jampa Dam what I'm having an interview with like a potential clients and the like why is your name that? And I'm like why not? I've still got contracts with it, so whatever, whatever it works, Maybe that helps, Uh, it lightens it. It's an icebreaker. Um, but today we are talking about one of the greatest movies of all time. Um, I'm surprised and never won an oscar and that's Kung Pao Enter the Fist, one of the most the most early two thousandth the movie. I don't know if that's the word there ever was a robot chicken movie, if it wasn't a robot if it wasn't a robot chicken movie. Trying to refer robot chicken movies. Yeah, if nobody knows what Kong Pou is, it's basically, Um, Steven Steve oda Kirk, he directed a rin it. He took a seventies martial arts movie and he superimposes pet face on some of the characters. And they also, uh, it just kind of mixed match and they reshot some some scenes. They did a couple of things for this movie. Oh, like you know, put other people's faces on old characters. Uh, you clearly tell like where it cuts off.

And they show like old scenes of there'sn't even a scene where like some dude pull a little flip phone. It's super imposed his hand with the flip phone in it. In the old Green footage. Well in the in the post credits, they'll show you like how they got some of the shots they took, like the uh martial arts movie, and then what they did and then kind of how they put it together and got he got kind of a buffed for this movie, Like he actually looked like he did. Yeah, I'm like what, Well, all right then unless it was prosthetics or something maybe, but if it wasn't, kudos to him. But so the movie is basically about It starts out with this little baby's family gets killed and then he got some something in his mouth that's secret that they want to kill him because he's something. And later he grows up and he tries to avenge his family from y. That's that's essentially or a k a. Betty, a k a. The servant for the French aliens. You're Candy calling me. It's there. But this movie was so cheaply made, and I love it because they were used scenes. So it's the very first scene where like the baby is thrown down a hill to die. Um, it just keeps using the shot of this toy doll that's rolling down the thing, and it just keep her using it. And then it gets to the point to where they have a new scene was lady picks up the baby, it just throws him down the next hill. It just keeps for using the same shot and just keeps going and going going, like well from from like the before that, like you just know how served this movie was whenever, like a newborn baby was like beating people up and with this weird kind of creepy CG. You know. This was like two thousand and two something like that. Yeah, it was not a huge for that movie, So it's bad. It's the budget itself was seventeen million dollars to the whole movie, which is really low for a budget for especially when most of its special effects. Yeah, so the baby was bad. The like just rolling down the baby's been and like, uh, the c gives bad. And I like the fact they got actors to come in and like replace other actors like Betty, Like they had to reshoot scenes with Betty because everything that happened to him doesn't actually happen to him in anything else. Yeah, I was like by doubles, but they also try to make them look like I said, you can show their faces as possible. Yeah. Uh and then uh, just so many jokes, so many jokes. This movie is just one liner after one liner, and it's that and the things background jokes that you uh, it's like it's like a it's like, uh kung Fu hustle. There's background jokes you're not hearing the first time you watched through it. In the second or third time you watch it, there's like these background jokes, Like there's just a whole scene where like these people are training. It's like we wear push up brawls. There lazy like all of us saying to Unison, but you don't hear it the first time. They like what did they say, hold ons? Oh yeah, I'm moving to Loquist, Oh no, And then they're they're dead hanging on there and they're still like austs. So in the making of this movie, uh, there's very obvious things. You can clearly tell that they're trying to spoof on the action the action movies from Hong Kong from back in the day where that we're like nineties that were coming over from America and they were getting redubbed. And one of the big things about it is they had their mouth movements, but they never matched up that they're just really quick dubs,... they didn't have any like lining up of the mouth like you know today's anime. They land at the mouth really well with what they're saying. Then they don't care, so it's completely off. And so there's the entire shoot. They were just saying gibberish the entire time during shooting and they just read dubbed over later and it's completely obvious they did it too, like way worse than you originally thought, because they even like redid sound effects as well. You see their mouth moving or like there is one with those guys like Turns doesn't say a word and just say they deal with voice over him as well. He makes another but it's it's it's one of the running jokes in the entire movie because it's it's a ton of jokes and well it kind of like works, you know because them dubbing over the English part while the other ones getting dub it kind of like helps blend it together. So it's like all the The funniest one of those was the dog when it starts barking but you don't hear. Yeah, the dogs are sparking like it looks like it's barking and then stops for a good hole second, and then the bark the flattened squirrel. Oh my god. And it's such cheesy lines too, I need go for chucks the first like the first scene where he's fighting. Okay, so, like there's a narrator as well that talks alongside the movie, and like the very first fight scene, the chosen one punches out so in like middle section, like a big hole, and like the narrator stops sockets, like, dude, did you just see that guy? Like he just got a whole punched out. He's like, I mean, crap man, look at that. That's his stomach plug on the ground back there. You don't see that every day. I mean, that doesn't even really seem possible if you think about it, the body organs and cartilage and bone. I mean, I'm no doctor, but that's like one clean chuck. That's a horrible interpretation. Oh that was pretty closely fair with you, thank you. But yeah, like the entire movies like that in the narrator just there's so many good narrative moments. Oh okay, but yeah, so there's not much to talk about the story about this movie. There's not a lot to talk about just because it's very simple and still basic. He's he's taking one of revenge from his parents death. But then Betty wants to kill him because he's the chosen one and he's got the tongue of fury. I don't know if that's what they called it. I just called it a tonguey tonguey. Yes, he's got a tongue. That's his guy's own like personality, which is face like his eyes and mouth super imposed onto his tongue. You can tell it's his is one of his front teeth is a cricket, and so like the tongues, like you can look at a little crooked it's his face. Oh but yeah, so like and you know, he goes and wins and wail into the movie and like we're gonna we're gonna quote jokes the rest of this episode. After we talked about the closing, so they get to this movie. There's really like there's really fun like fight scenes, and then the end of the movie, like they set up a sequel for Nabob to come back because she wants to come back for the sequel and like, you you know, you need to do this, so you need to win this Fu could come back in the sequel. That's a Foster joke in there, and like Mooshoe Fossa. So the guy who gets the stomach punched out comes back for the incredit scene where you pull like it's on a chain. He pulls it out on a chain. Oh, and they try to have a sequel, And according to Steve a decast a decade or Steve Kirk last year or earlier...

...year, they were talking about doing a sequel like they've been. They've always tried to do a sequel for Kong, but they never actually had a green that it was so poorly rated. Uh no, no one really wanted to pick it up, so they've never been to make a sequel to it. They wanted to make a few other like spiritual sequels, like a spaghetti western and sandals movie, which I would have been hilarious. I I would have watched it. I don't care. I would have watched it. I like, I liked this movie. It's dumb. I don't care. It's just like the whole point. It's like one of those bad movies and but like that are so good and because they know, like there's a fine line, like I recently saw Lamaged and that was so bad. They know it was gonna be bad, but they made it bad. It was horrible. But this one, like they actually put effort into into this movie. Yeah, that one probably had like a way smaller budget movie, but I don't know, it's hilarious. It's just hilarious. So Okay, watching this again, like doing the podcast, doing the zo to hear a pocast and doing all the stuff I do for that show, I realized that they they actually do try. They tried really hard for this. They tried to have fun jokes. I know, they repeat the jokes a lot, like the we will we would joke from The One Girl, but like it's actually funny, like the first to be like ha, or like the I'm not a horror and like she runs up like she like rister Sharof puts it back on. They do that, but like it's an actually funny joke, like and it feels like a really good, like litmus test of early two thousand's comedy, because that kind of comedy was happening a lot. Like you can go back and watch Simpsons from that error or early Family Guy from that time as well, and you can see you can see those like one liners that are there that work for just that one scene or the cut, the callback scene or something that this was really quick one liners or like stupid jokes. But they put this in a movie format, which I think it was detriment. Like it was a little shorter movie, it would have been a lot more a lot more well received than it currently was because it's not the type of movie that like, um uh, critics are going to go see, Like it's not isn't that these type of movies are are going to get critical. It's when we were like in our early teens, late early twenties. Yeah, and that's that's kind of what the comedy was at that point in time. Like you can go through and look at Go Go, Like Scary Movie one and two came out around then and that was a super immature movie. But the zact same jokes are there, very similar jokes are there, and so yeah, I I think it's a great litness test of comedy at that point in time. And I still think it's really funny. Like I know, the jokes of the jokes a little a little two worn out and some of the stuff we don't really remember all super well. But there wasn't any kind of a there wasn't any really bad jokes, like any jokes I did age super well that makes any sense, Like you can go back and watch movies from like early two thousands, there's some jokes like one of the big things early two thousands, like mid two thousands, there's a lot of gage jokes and movies and stuff that doesn't really age super well nowadays because you're just like gage jokes like, okay, cool, that's not that funny anymore. Like Scare Movie one was completely chocked full of them, and they're no longer funny. But you know, you know Kong Powell, they don't make any kind of jokes like that where they made a couple, but they weren't bad taste well, if you go back to because Steve Otoker also did like the Thumb movies, Thumb Shorts, Thumb Wars, thumb Man or Batman, like Thumb Tan Tanic, But like there's some there's some like graunch here jokes in there that's probably don't didn't don't age well. But yeah, with this this one, you know, there's some sexual jokes in it, but it's just not it's not at the level of Uh, like those there's early two thousands, like...

...late nine to nineties movies. They're like, well, alright, then to video sequels like Van Wilder Mary. Yeah. Well. Also Steve Deck was a producer for Jim and Neutron as well, like that movie as well, So like he he kind of knew comedy, like you know, comedy, like it was smart comedy and it worked for him, and we get to see his his full idea of making this really stupid comedy kung fu movie. And I'm happy exists because it's just it's such a it's such a good old time capsule. It's like I come back and watch it, like I'm watching it. I'm doing editing and stuff, and I'm watching it while I'm ending this video and stuff yesterday for this and uh, I'm still like giggly got some of these jokes like yeah, like the Mooshoe fassa, Like the very end, they're like, oh see look at the sky. Yeah, alien, but you didn't see that coming, did you? Like look up to the sky. What does that mean? It's it's supposed to it's a riddle. You're supposed to wait till till you. I don't know. I forget. You figure it out and then you're like, oh, that's what he meant by that, Or look at these symbols. This one is over here and this one is over It's like I'm not the chosen one or no, I'm not Simbo. I'm the chosen one. Okay, cho simbo one. Just so many good like little jokes like that, and like none of the jokes are super offensive, they're just there. You know the peanuts, I need a pound of peanuts. That's a lot of peanuts. That's a lot of nuts. I have a mortal wound. Where where does it hurt? Oh pretty much around the big bloody spot. He thought that everybody died. His dog went blow. They're all dead. Oh no, that's alive. The only one who actual it I was whip Blows. Whip Blow still dead. Yeah, whip blows still alive. No, No, he's no, He's like like, oh the flashback scenes like the so okay. So I've been doing a lot of editing and I've be learning a lot of stuff, and they do this really fun little edit trick to make the blend for the new faces on these old characters look a lot better. Where they made like they made this really blurry image that they would make for the movie for like to backdrop it. Stuff Like they were like a stity weight to light exposure and stuff to really help the image stick out, not stick out blend in as they're overdoing the image and stuff. And I think that was a great idea. I don't know whoever came up with that was a great It was a great idea because you could barely tell when they're super imposing other people on old characters because you're not seeing the grain in the video. You're just seeing like these suits, like these lights, like overexposed lights. But it kind of it works for the the movie. And like going back and think about this on VHS Toho like or DVD A four by three, you know that works like magic, Oh my goodness, of course who overcame up with a freaking genius. Yeah, because you can't really tell, like it was just the head that's super opposed sometimes like if they had some of his hand or something you can kind of see, or the guy in the background with the um the juke box, the jukebox completely superimposed does not belong there at all. Where he has somebody plays music that plays songs about big butts. Oh god, oh well yeah, like oh, and then the whole triangle thing. Uh, that's so the triangle like body like pieces that Betty wears he has like take off and so like that whole scene was actually made new that it exists old movie. So all that stuff was pretty much new film stock.

But then he could tell when like they're they're uh the original cage was supposed to be there, like the what's the guy's name, Jimmy something, Um, the original guy. Oh no, I have no idea, I know what their names are. You're good, uh, Jimmy Wing. You the the actual actor from the first movie, the Tiger Crane movie, Tiger Crane Fist movie. So you can tell when he's supposed to be there. But Steve looks just close enough to him that they can super post him on certain scenes. But then he turns around. The wig is just horrible. Oh my god. Oh but yeah, I know, watch the kind of the whole most horrible part of this thing. Like he's a chosen one, Like as a baby, he's an Asian baby, but he grows up to be a white man. Yeah yeah, it's like, well he's he's super white, aren't it's just three one liners. And then like there's there's so many equips during this whole movie, like Betty has his hand claw things and he throws up people and like so one of them gets like their shirt ripped off. It's like, oh you shirt ripper like that? Or whenever I think it was Master or Master Low or whim blow or thing master tang when he was like, I've got two options A quickly duck sideways dodged the claw, then take him take the claw in the face and roll on the ground and die. M should have take gone with a like you should have gone a yeah, yeah, yeah one thing that that always always that's exactly what I was gonna go. Like, I still think whenever I think let's go to talk about them, I was like in Charico in Harico Macho Nacho Burrito, Taco Bell, place it with Taco Bell in aric Do Nacho Barrito, Macho baro Nacho. Sorry I just missed that one on, but yeah, that's just it's hilarious movies. So if if I know, we kind of give gave away a lot of the one liners. And if you watch it now, if you haven't seen it, it might not ruin it for you. But it's a good movie. You need to see it. I don't think it's on any streaming services, which kind of I believe it's a Fox movie, so Disney owns it. So if it's on anything, it might be on Hulu. But I have no way to watch it. Let's see. Um, you can buy it. You can buy it on Amazon and you can watch it. You could watch it on the internet archive. Oh, there's a lot of weird stuff that's on there. I love be an archive, Like I find cookbooks stuff from on there. It's great, and I know the weird stuff. I look up what do you look at? Jim cookbooks from why? Because they had used some weird things. Curious. But yeah, um, I'm gonna highly recommend this movie. If you like Kong, Kung Fu, Hustle, you like those silly action fight movies and stuff, and you're not really uh and you're about our age and or like upper twenties like thirty, you'll really enjoy this movie. If you're below that, you're not gonna get it. It's just it's not gonna work for you because you're a different generation than we are. It might work for you, but I don't think it will. But then I think some of the lines would stick with a younger generation. Um, but I think overall that we're like, I don't get it. This is kind of stupid, Like I can do this on niktok? Who is that your butts up? I think, get kicked. But what's good about this is you don't. You can have a short attention span like I do, and it doesn't really matter because you know, if you miss five missed the movie, you're not missing anything.

You like. You go on YouTube, watch clips of this movie and just enjoy it. Yeah the entire time. Hilarious every time, all right, man, But there's not a lot of talk of this movie. I recommend the jokes. I recommend watching it's give it. It's a great like bad Day movie. Watch You're gonna have fun with it. That's a lot of nuts. By the way, at the end of the movie, there's a bunch of deleted scenes and a bunch of outtakes, and they are golden. Just watch them. I don't care how you watch them. Watch them. They're fantastic. I used to have it on DVD, and I think the DVD had like a version of the movie where it actually had what they were saying whenever they recorded the thing, and I don't think I have it anymore. I used to have it, which kind of stinks. I wish I had the DVD again. But any highly recommend this movie. Watch it, have fun, don't go and expecting a old star movie, going expecting like a d pluss and just have a great time. Yeah you this is you just just sitting there for the entertainment. You know, you don't need to think about anything. Just go and you want to laugh and be entertained. I want the one thing I want to know is how do they do da boob? How do they do her bob? I'm still curious about that, even this many years later, Like how did they do it? I just I want to know how they did the prosthetic for that, because that's interesting. Just like they had to bind her normally and then put an uda boob on her? How weird would that be? Walk around with I just because that was was kind of a big one. Yeah, it's it's really out there. And her name is Wow. My name's Wow. Okay. Oh man? Like movies stupid? I love it. I want to be in this. You must win. I want to be in the sequel. Did you just break up thermometer in my hand? Yes? Is this hurt ghastline? Lights are saved? The fires puts the more gas? Yeah? Ready, god read that's what you cut out at. Thank you everybody for rejoining us on our movie talk, and there will be more to come, more things going on with Baker Rangers. So Jim, let us know. I know we already talked about you to hear a few times in our but let the viewers know where they can find you and where to run away. All right, If you need to run away, make make hard left. I cannot make a left at all this able life, can't do it. I just trip it fall every time. If you're running away from me, If you're running away for me, there's more issues going on that we need to talk about, game or something else. If you want to actually find me, you can hit me up at h Not So Funny Gym across the Board So not So Funny Jim. If you want to see what I actually do for a living, you can hit me up at headset Radio dot com. Um, you're canna email me there at Jim at Headset Radio. If you want to chit chat with me. I do all the editing for the Zero two Hero, and I do a bunch of editing as well for a few other podcasts, and as I manage other people's stuff as well, and I do all the editing for Red River Rundown. If you haven't heard of that one yet, that's been in Billy's news show. But that's what I've been doing. And if you wanted some help with that or consulting with that, give me a holler. All right, well, thank you very much, Jim, and thank you everybody who's listening. And as Zordon would say, came at me bro. If you enjoyed this episode of Baker Rangers Movie Talk, please check us out on YouTube and wherever you find your podcast, and also check out our host, zero two Hero wherever you find your podcast at zero two hero dot com.

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