Movie Talk: Gundam w Endless Waltz
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Movie Talk: Gundam w Endless Waltz


Ben and Jacob(IronAvenger52) talk 1998’s Gundam W Endless Waltz



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Hi, welcome to Baker Rangers. Welcome to Baker Rangers movie talk. This is a place where we talk about movies, movies we love and we have a good time. Today we are talking about a an anime movie. It's the first time. I think this might be the first animated movie that we've talked about on the show. Um, it's a Gundam movie with my guest here for the first time ever, Jacob I, an adventure fifty two and resident Gundham Fan. So how's it going, Jacob, doing a great thing. Great to be here. I'm I'm really thrilled. We wanted to get on your show for a while. Yeah, sorry about that. I was just gonna be funny and say he finally answered my emails. Uh, I don't know if we we were kind of been in talks here and there. You were supposed to be on last week's show, Um, and so. But it worked out because that way last week's show was the one year anniversary of zero two hero. So I had Jim and billy on my episode. So it worked out. Um, but Um, yeah, this season of movie talk we, or I've decided to do an all zero two hero Um, partners and friends season. So everybody that's been on in these next well, I think this is the fifth episode. There's gonna be five more ten episodes left and then we will shift, shift, years back and uh, I don't know. There there, there's gonna be a change after this season. Um, I'm growing as a podcaster, I guess you could say, or, as it want to be a podcaster. But Um, yeah, things are happening, but that for another day. For right now we are talking Gundam, W endless waltz, um. So I I've never seen a Gundam anything until I saw this, which seems to be a theme with my movie talks. Um. You'll constantly hear me say like, I've never heard of this. Till you brought this up. I've never heard of this. So I'm learning new things, which is fun. Um, I'm getting to watch things that I never knew or good or I never thought I'd enjoy Um, and this is one of those. It's a little different than Um, what I've talked about before on the show, because I'm pretty sure it's the first animated movie that we've talked about. Okay, so, but so Gundham is Um, it's yourr thing. You Love Gundam. What, what exactly had got you into Gundham? What made you love Gud them? Because you're you don't just watch Gundam in the shows. You are actually as now as we speak, you are building a gun plats Um, a big hobby of yours. So what got you into? So I've been togen them for a long time. I was I I'm actually more of a Mech finnet. So what got me into loving mix is basically a common interest between you. I mean like, uh, with power rangers, a lot of kids wanted to be the red ranger and all that stuff, and I'd like to be the Red Ranger, but the one thing I wanted to do with a kid is to control the red tonosaurs rex, and ever since I've seen megasaurs, I like mix. I like the robots. That's basically why my favorite hero is Iro an avenger. He got the whole mix Su. That's so awesome. And so gundams basically was in that era generic area. Gundam wing pretty much...

...first team out in the nineties and introduced it to a whole bunch of kids and it went through the same formula where it's five teenagers parting all these mets. Sounds familiar right. So when I got uh when I watched Gundam Wing, I also watched the Gunam. There was like a bunch of Gunham shows and then I kind of fell off it because school, other interests I had, you know, school drama, school stuff. I was acquired. I didn't go anywhere. But yeah, it was until years later, like like maybe a year before covid uh, I started rewatching gunhams because I was content. I was happy. It was a Pongee collection that I have, but I wanted to do something different. I kind of wanted to try something new. I wanted to do puzzles. I never had time, in order to space to do it. Uh Danne was watching Gundam. WAITMENT, they have a model kits. Let me go ahead and pick one up, and ever since then I picked one up, I fell in love with building them and now all I do is build. Talk about gundams. I also talked about other stuff, power rangers, Marvel, everything else. And so go figure we're gonna be talking about one of the series that got me into building model kits, because my first model kit, it's actually in this movie, the heavy arms, and this one is literally one of my favorites in the whole series. So yeah, I've been building, I've been watching, I've been you know, I've been really looking into being back into it and I don't think I'm gonna stop anytime. So well, it doesn't look like you are, because you know that's well, it's kind of your stick on Tiktok and and everywhere. Um, just building models. You do lives? Um, do you do lives every week or I do lives every week, every Wednesday around sevent km central time. Uh, it's it's not just models I love. I Like I'm pretty much a never nerd everywhere, like o Rangers, Video Games. Like right now it's hard for me to build and play monster hunter at the time because I can't enjoy both of them at the same time. I wish I had like two heads four arms and it'll be easier for me, but no, it's it's it's a fighting battle for which one is taking over my heart. You know? That's true. And with these there's there's a lot of model kids. Like I'll go to my local game exchange and they have like a whole wall full. I've just got two models. I got a few. I finished one I've been working on one. Well, it's been a while. I've kind of stopped for a little while, so I need to finish that one. Yeah, but they can be fun. I've done a few power rangers since I uh, which for that one, and I've only done too but yeah, the Shogun magazine is pretty awesome. But you know, your your love for Gundam comes out of like your love for power rangers and wanting to control a Max suit or Mac not a suit, but like Mac um almost. H Yeah, like who who doesn't? Like you, wanted to be the Red Ranger. I, I was the Red Ranger and my and my fantasies. But in my fantasies the red rangers the one that got Kimberly, not the Green Ranger. But that was my fantasy too. I just she didn't he didn't deserve her. But Um, no, but it's it's a it's a unique concept. Um, it's a fun concept really. I mean, as you and see with Japanese animes,... got Gundom, you have Um. Oh, what's the Voltron sent I? So there's all its power rangers, Um, which came from came from Sinai and it's it's it's really kind of a fun imaginative concept of controlling really big, big robots and fighting cords of evil. You know, it's funny because if you think about like the first megator that everywhere appear in Japan was the spider man mega's words, and without that we wouldn't have all this right here. I'm I'm thankful every day that we have all these mets and robots and everything that that came today. You know so because I don't think we would have gunned them because of that. And it kind of comes full circle because a lot of anime came from marvel and D C comics and then from from that Um also with Takusatsu um which came the scent I came out of that movement. And then Stanley wanted to bring uh sent I to America, so he made a deal and now they brought spider man to Japan and then made the first ever um transforming mech um for for a senti show, and then the Super Sentai followed suit because it was toe. He was the same company that made those. So and then, yeah, then we got power rangers and I'm glad we got power rangers. When we did was you ranger, because I think if we did with bio man, I don't think it would have been as popular. I really don't around Durrassic Park time, so because power rangers came out the year drastic park came out. So you had this big dinosaur craze anything anyway. So it just it came out at the right time. Yeah, it was perfect. It was like a perfect timing. Like yeah, but we're talking about Gundam Gunnam endless waltz in particular. So what was like? Do you remember the first time you saw this movie? Did it come out in theaters? It came out. So, uh, I remember watching the trailer for this on the to Namin and this right here came out looking like this and I remember seeing this is Gundam Wing, Gundam Wing Zero, uh wing zero. There he goes, Gundam Wing Zero, and when I saw him I blew. It blew my mind. So gundam wing is normally an animated series, but Gundam wing endless waltz is basically up sequel to the series. It's a movie. So when they came out of Japan, I think back in November ten and I'm trying to remember it's been a while. Uh. They in Japan, they had like a three episode ov a, basically like additional to the original story. But later on they decided, okay, we're gonna go ahead and shrink this down into an hour movie and put more a little bit more material, and convinced it to where it's not confusing. We wind up the storyline perfectly fine and it flew perfectly. And so we in America we got that one hour movie. We never got the OV eight, just the one hour. And Uh, I still remember as a little kid and how the announcer from tsunami always made such a big deal the years after calling you uh eighty six, and he expressed how, after uh, the war was over, peace reign for over a year. And Dude, like I wanted to see this wing Gundam, I wanted to see heavy arms, I wanted to d see this side hell, because they are completely differ. So I showed you gonna win zero here.

The anime version of that particular model is this one. This is the one in the series. The other one is only from the movie. The redesign, I'm not sure I remember. It was by someone else. He didn't design the anime series. He designed them once for the movie and I think they announced that the ones in the movie are supposed to be the original designs, that the designs are gonna use. It's the the anime series version, which I don't know why. I don't care. That just gives me more model kiss to build. Yeah, a lot of times when they get to like hey, we're gonna do this bonus movie or or or whatever, let's kind of tweak things, let's take take the show as like a baseline and just kind of do our own thing and kind of involve it into into something else. But he used a lot of the same um undertones of you know, maybe not just the story but the builds also. Right. But the thing is about this, this series, the series and the movie, they continue from this from the same timeline. It's basically like right after the war. So it confused a lot of kids, including myself. Why are they different? Thing Net, like I said, they never really explained why. But, like I said, I don't care. As a kid, I was excited to see this. I get to see more of these and I wanted to get the toys of these. I got the toys of these, of course, and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with these mixt more just because the original design of the animate design and the movie design are completely different and it's funny how they're exactly the same. But I think I just love the wing Zeros uh, movie design more. I think that's it, just because the angel wings, it's just something. It's it's never been thought of in any Gunnam zero or a Gundam series. This was the first time we saw Angel Wings on a man. And every other MEC out there they had wings, but nothing as fluent or something as beautiful as that. So yeah, that that. That was a big deal for a kid my age mind blown right there. And just just a megma itself. It's got wings that can fly around like an angel and Oh, of course do you do a little more awesome action maneuvers exactly. So I I remember watching this sets as kids, I think, I want to say I want I was ten or twelve, I can't remember, and I watched this movie twice and I can only watch it through Tunami and I loved it. I loved it as a kid and I didn't really understand the government politics of it back then, but I still like the movie and as an adult now I kind of like the movie more than the actual series. We kind of sorry I was gonna say, just kind of walk us through that, like walk us through the story of how we got to the beginning of this movie, through the series, and like what the what the story is and uh, like where where we are when the movie starts? Okay, so pretty much there was a earth federation, Earth colonies. UH, they wanted to control space and space. We have these UH colonies here and there with people living in there. So we have people that live in earth and we have people that live in space. And basically there's this government agency that pretty much wanted to uh control everything from Earth to space. So we had multiple colonies that send out five unique Gundam suits out there. Is the mission was called Operation Uh Meteor and basically the goal was to help overtake the UH the military, to stop them from taking over the actual what's about? Taking over... But throughout the whole series inclusive, we lost like multiple colonies. We ended up getting like one major colony here and there. Uh different armies. The gundals became from doom to be heroes to war criminals to heroes again. It it's a lot of drama, but something about the series didn't add up very well, such as complete pacifists. So there's this woman in the series that wants to basically have no more war, no more weapons, no more mass violence, all that stuff. Basically we want peace for the entire world. That's pretty hard to control because the thing is about war. It's hard to stop it, you know, it's hard to maintain peace as it is, and you want to get rid of all the weapons pretty much on earth and space, just to go ahead and uh, you know, banned war out. Well, that doesn't sound very possible. Another thing about the series compared to the movie is that the origin story, we have a little bit more of an in depth origin story of the pilots, because in the actual series we just know them as kids are controlling these Max and why are they controlling them? The thing is it never explained too much in the show. We got a little detail here and there, but it doesn't really tell us why. So that's why this movie right here, I believe it's really good, it's really fun to watch and it basically answers, feels, some of the questions that we have from the original series. So the series itself, I would still recommend to watch it. If you want to watch some Gundam action, if you want to see some drama, go for it. I would recommend it. And then after that watch this movie and then you'll feel a lot better. Uh. But Yeah, this movie right here was able to fix everything. So in the movie, in the beginning of the movie, explains after the final battle, how the gunns. Basically, we're able to overturn UH, the bad guys who was uh, it's been a while since I watched a series too. But after that there was peace on earth for one year. And this all happening during Christmas. Uh. Before I continue on, yes, going the wing and Let Walt is a Christmas movie. Fighte me on that. My my stance on that is if if the movie, if a movie, takes place during Christmas, it's a Christmas movie. Alright, so you got you got different like I did a Tiktok on before. You've got different levels, like there are Christmas only movies and then there are Christmas movies you can watch any time of the year. Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but you can watch it anytime. So I apologize for any of my listeners or watch viewers that are dead set against that hard being a Christmas movie, but Harry Potter can be a Christmas movie if you want it to also. So that's under my under those those guidelines. But anyway, sorry, go ahead, no, you're you're fine. So we now have this little kid that's technically the daughter of a supreme leader that's basically go ahead and decide, I'm gonna go ahead and have war, I'm gonna go ahead and take control of everything, and the Earth is pretty much the fifth list, because no one has any MEX, no one has any h artillery, we don't really have much to go with to protect ourselves, and so we now have the goddams being used for one final time to basically to overthrown this uh will go girl's Army, and they're trying to do it the best way as possible, as a pacifist fight, and that's what this... fixes. It fixes to where we can still have peace, we just need a fight for it. And also it fixes the origin story. It tells a little bit more about the origin story of these characters. Why is this person so important? Why is it so different? But, like I said, I I think the movie is worth watching. I think it's fun, I think it's great. I do like know. What do you think about it? What other questions you got? Um, so you know that the being of the movie they're in peace, Um, and I guess they are obligated to get rid of the gun. UMS now that that the world is in peace, there's no need for Gundam Um. So, but they kind of they kind of go back on that say, Hey, maybe we do need guns, because now this these people are trying to start a war. Oh Um. But just kind of go over more of the story of once, once the story starts on Christmas, they're gonna get rid of the gun, dames m how because I want to watch it to once and I don't really remember. A little bit hard. Yeah, it's a little bit harder for me to follow because I don't know who the characters really are, because you can tell that they were already still established from the get go. So, and with anime sometimes characters look exactly the same, Um, and sounds similar. So it's okay, I canna say about that. That's not that's not cool, Bro, my bad, my bad, no, it's good, man. Um, okay, I mean, uh, because we have here. You here someone with wing, with the Angel Wing Gun. Dam Troa is my personal favorite. That's the blue one with machine guns. Uh, Sam Rock is the one with the UH sickles, the site, the blonde hair kid. Um, we have duel. Uh. No, Sud Rock is the name of the mobile suit. Uh forgot that kids need. Uh. Oh Man, it's gonna kill me till we're I got a cheat sheet here, right. I hope so. Nope, don't tell me, tell me the moons. But yeah, and then we got wufe duels, the one that handles this death side, the one that looks like a reaper, which is everyone's absolute favorite. And we have woulfe, the one that's with ultron. That's pretty much a pride bery throughout the whole series and the movie. I I'm probably gonna get a lot of heat on that one. Maybe, maybe. I don't know how much my listeners like Gunna. By this my bringing some Gundam listeners. So yeah, hopefully, hopefully you ann offend too many people. Hopefully I didn't finish too many anime. But the UM. What was it going with this? We we have these charit these main characters, these five kids are pretty much the main attraction to this whole war. All each one of these pilots are really good. They they they pretty much fought so many, uh, soldiers out soldiers. It's kind of weird how we always have kids kicking butt in the Gundam series, but that's just me. I digress. A lot of anime has like kids, teenagers, and it's always like, you know, the coming of you know, learning, whether if they have powers or they're learning, Um, to operate, you know, a Max suit or whatever it's. That's it's always like seems like teenagers or kids are like central to a lot, a lot of anime. Um, but I guess that's to help people kind of relate...

...that. You know, you do. You have to start somewhere, right. Yeah. Yeah, so the main thing about this movie is not only she wants to control war, but she they also want to re establish operation meteor. Operation Meteor. What's something a little bit different in the from the series to the movie? So they got a little bit more into detail where in Operation Meteor we have it to where these five mobile suits go to the earth and basically fight off the the government, the evil government. Uh. Well, the original plan for operation met or is to grab all these colonies and throw them to Earth for like a big mass destruction and have these mobile suit guns ums, uh, basically could go into earth and continue slawering everybody. Yeah, it was a little bit. It's darker, but due to the scientists that build these mobile foods and the kids themselves, the pilots, they were able to they didn't want to go through with that plan. So they pretty much all had the same idea. Let's just go down there with us to mix suits at try to fight them off. We're not gonna do all this drama with killing everybody, because everyone had a good heart. You know, everyone's a good guy. Um. So I'm trying to see how where else there on need bill. So okay, so now we got good uh. These kids basically find off the little girl, uh, little girls army and trying to overthrown her. They finally do it and pretty much everyone has their own happy ending. And for her, Um, no, she she finally got peace, because the thing is that there's two evil villains in this movie, the little girl and the old man. I think it is Deco, Deco Ker, I don't know. UH, he's basically manipulated this little girl, because she's the one with the big name, the big government and all that stuff, and this old man basically convinced her mind, bring her, bring washed her, to basically use this army for this war, for this evil operation. So she she ended up from getting peace. Uh. The old man, however, does not. He didn't have a happy he didn't even make it after the being uh. But yeah, we're watching this movie again. Brought back multiple feelings. Um, it brought me back to when I felt like a kid and I fell in love with it. Now, as an adult, like, I understand more. I like this a lot, I do. I just I do have a few greads. I wish woof thing did not cry too much in this one, or I wish they gave him. I wish they gave him a little bit more redemption. I felt like in the series he wasn't used a lot and I feel like in the movie he wasn't as well either. But I wish they gave him more of a stoplight. It shows that the careers didn't really care about him and in the Manga he had more of a backstory, like he had like a hope thing about a wife that passed away or died about something, uh, but instead they didn't put that in there. They didn't put any of that UH backstory for that character in anything here, which I feel bad. That's why I don't like him, but I wish they would have done more with him. Well, they did have quite a few characters in this in it, Um, so maybe they're like, well, we need to there's some things that we can kind of put in there. Some thing's not. What's more important to this story is going on. What's going on in...

...this story? Um, because you have that one character who he's not who people think he is because he just took some of his identity. Oh yes, so could you tell us about like he was? He was he in the show or he was he just for this movie? He was in the show basically. So traa is basically the quiet one and also my faith. Uh, Oh man, that sucks. That's also the same voice actor that did psychops from evolution that passed away. He did oh man. Yeah, so it hurt me when that happened. But UH, Traa, basically in the series he was this calm guy, wasn't afraid of anything. He was just a really good soldier, a really good pilot, uh, and we didn't know how he became such a good pilot. But apparently he's always been this unknown soldier to unknown person Uh all along, and in the series we find out now, I think in the series. I'm trying to remember either in the series we find out that his real that's not his real name. We never in the movie. They they explain it like somebody killed the real one and then he kind of took his identity. So we can take his use his gundam right, because the real one was with a mean guy, uh. Pretty much he was gonna go ahead and he wanted to have the original operation men or to happen. But of course they shot him and they got someone that actually has a heart, to actually care, and that's why they decided to use they decided to use Trua, because he didn't care about mass destruction and he just wanted a pilot, you know. But he was so cool and playing the show like that's why I've always loved that character, that mixed suit, especially when it has that clown face, because it shows his uh to face is the representation of its two faith or its two sided personality or it, you know, two identities, but also come on, a clown face on the MIXIC. That's what I kind of like that. It's cool and plus, no no one can ever pull a mex off to where it can do those summer so back flips uh like that in the show like never before, and he could pull off I love it. I'm just a fan of the concept from there are usually like over the top robots doing crazy stuff, and that right there is just one of the ones I love. Yeah, well, it's anime, so over the top is like their four tap. So yeah, but Um so, where, where in the gundom movies does this fall into? Like one of you, is this like your favorite Gunda movie, or was this like the first one that kind of really got you into? Not into Gandam but UM, yeah, because I know there's like a million different series and movies. So so this was literally one of my first movies and so it does have a special heart in my place. So the series itself was not my top favorite series. Uh, it's up there in the top five because it was one of the first ones. And this movie, of all the Gunda movies, and ova it's in the top five as well. I'm probably gonna say like maybe third because we have or in the pocket we have Gandam double eightighth team or a three team eight team, and that's a whole ov eight technically long movie. Um. But yeah, uh, this right here is basically one of my favorite, top five, and I forgot. Why was it my favorite, my favorite...

...until recently, and I'm I'm glad I rewatched them. I'm glad I went back to watch it again. It just Ah, it made me feel like a kid. It made me feel like a beardless kid and I couldn't I couldn't be happier. You know, I got it on DVD. I kind of need to get it on blue right now. And UH, like I said, if anybody wants to watch it, I recommend watched a little bit of the series just so you can get a little bit more of an idea. You don't need to watch any of it. You could probably watch like something like one of those condensed videos that explains the entire series. I think you can watch this movie and appreciate a little bit more. Um, for the big fans that are out there, they're gonna watch the entire series and then this movie. I'm probably gonna do the same thing again. I might have to watch the series. Reason they watched this movie again. But yeah, this, I'm gonna have to say this is like up in the top five, top five favorite movie. Slash ovis awesome. I probably should have. I didn't have the time to watch the series first before I saw the movie, so I kind of no, kind of been out of the loop on all that. Um, just why this interview is more of just you talking about it, because, which is fine, because it's that's your passion and I do plan on eventually watching a little bit more, maybe the next time you're on the show. Um, you know, if you want to do another Gundam, it doesn't have to be Gundham. It seems like I typecast people with. You're the Gundam Guy, marks the doctor who guy. So I don't know, I don't think you like Gundham that much. No, not that much. No, H I know, it's fine. I I like a lot of stuff done them. Is Probably gonna be one of the major ones that people can relate to me with, which is fine. Um, like doctor who, I'll try to watch it. I just tell me which season to watch it. You tell me. I need to start at the very beginning while there's there's two schools of thought there, because you have the when they brought it back in two thousand and five they got that. Um. So there's like thirteen seasons, twelve, twelve, thirteen seasons, I think thirteen seasons, with a few Christmas movies, New Year's spent, I mean Christmas specials and stuff in there. But the show has been going on since nineteen sixty three. But a lot of the first doctor iterations, not all their stories, are available on DVD or to watch. You can listen to like sound bites of the shows with steels, uh, like still images, but not actual like watch episodes, because a lot of more loss. But that's a that's for another time. I think me and mark talked about on on on others, but for for for like the next time. Of course I I allow my guests to Um, to choose what they want to talk about. Just to me it's more about, you know, the guests that's on the nest necessarily the content or not or what we watch, and it allows me to kind of learn, learn new things. I've learned a little bit more about Gunnham today and I'm sure I'M gonna learn more in the future. Um, but um so, I guess. Well, in this here. Um So, could you let our viewers and our followers, viewers, followers, listeners, uh know, like what you're about, like where they can find you on social media, Um, and and everything...

...else. Yeah, basically, I am a model builder. You can always catch me not only on Tiktok but also in instagram. I usually go to showcase my builds, like currently I'm building this model kit. If you know, put it down on the comments or you know, if you know which one this is, if you know wherever your post this. But also, I am I like to make funny skits with little problems, such as I just recently made one not that long ago. It's basically not winning the lottery ticket. Uh, not Wa in the lottery. I think everyone feels that way. Yeah, and uh, I had to clean out my work I had to clean up my my shopping cart online for all these model kids I really want. But but yeah, like I said, uh, I like to do skits, like to build. Uh like to stream might builds every Wednesday PM central on Tiktok. Uh. Yeah, just find me on Instagram and UH TIKTOK and follow me and I'll follow you back and if you're a builder as well, I will love to check your work. I'm a big Fan of everything nice. Well, unfortunately I work on Wednesday nights, so I miss your builds, I miss I miss a lot of people's lives because normal, when people do lives, it's like, whenever I work, like nobody's lives like towards the end of the week on their important stuff. Um, it's always like Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night. Well, I'm work, so like, and they'll send me invites to their lives, Um, and then I have to like ignore it because I'm at work. I can't, I can't watch it. So Um, but no, go ahead, I would say, say it's it's perfectly fine, I understand. I'll just send you picture. It's a guy. Go ahead. Well, I do see for some reason, though, I have a lot of mutuals and friends on Tiktok, that I don't see their videos regularly. You're one of them, I don't think. Don't. I see him on instagram. So whenever you post my instagram, because I don't follow a whole lot of people on there anyway, so it helps me to be able to watch people's stuff, but on Tiktok I've even tried to trim my my following it, following down, but I still miss a lot of my mutuals. So, Um, I apologize, like if you, if you see that, I haven't been reacting to any of your stuff or anybody my viewers that are my mutuals. If like, I'm not ignoring you. If I like, I just don't see your video. Normally, if I see a friends video, I'm listening, watching from the to the end and liking possibly comment. Sometimes I don't comment as much as I need to, but anyhow, that's that's me. We're not talking about me, we're talking about you, Jacob. So thank you again for being on our show and thank you to zero two hero, Jim and billy. We want to be here. It wasn't for them. I want to be doing a podcast and uh, which they last week, as as of when this is posted, not recorded. They celebrated their one year anniversary of their first podcast. So, Um, I wasn't. I wasn't there. Yeah, you were. You were in there. One year anniversary podcast. So go to last week's zero two hero podcast. You'll you'll see Jacob with Willie overtake the zero two Hero Group Gang. Right. And basically, if if you hear a bet like weapon... there, ignored that. Ignored the bet. If you if you if you hear a lot of screaming in the background, everybody's okay, everything's okay, everyone, everyone's yeah. So thank you again and thank you whoever is listening or watching this on podcast or on Youtube. And I will end my show like I always do and the immortal words of Sord on come at me. Bro If you enjoy what you're listening to from the Baker Ranger all his technical problems, but some times they're mine because I'm the site or something. Why is it on fire? Why is it on fire? It shouldn't be on fire. Why is it on fire? But you might like to see stuff on the zero two hero network. Also catch him on Youtube and facebook to see his weekly and also what else is coming out within the near future. That's the word of Jeebus.

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